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100 Vento by Nuvolari Lenard

The 100m Vento concept presented by Nuvolari Lenard at the last Venice Boat Show is both an environmental manifesto and an appeal to designers and owners to develop genuinely green superyachts. Vento is a radical design that interweaves all the musts of sailing at its purest with the needs of 21st century owners. Although a genuine sailer rather than a sailing-assisted yacht, it has an underbody designed for superb efficiency. A reverse bow, for instance, isn’t just a strong design signature but also extends the length along the waterline, boosting performance under sail and stability. The result is a low drag hull that requires less power to deliver a given speed whether under sail or engine power. The tapered stern also less only a minor effect on overall displacement, another crucial factor in efficiency. The Vento will be built from aluminium with an advanced composite superstructure. Light and long, it will have less residual drag and create smaller waves, all to the benefit of our beleaguered coastlines which are increasingly being exposed to high level of motion created by large fast boats. 

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