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Abifloat: put your feet in the water

Christian Grande proposes an environmentally-friendly and floating housing structure equipped with the latest technologies.

Living in direct contact with nature in a floating structure that also allows, if desired, to stay connected with the contemporary world’s needs. This is the proposal that comes  from the ‘Floating Villas’, a new concept developed by Christian Grande that cannot be considered as ‘purely residential’. With his numerous awards, (the latest at the Xiamen Boat Show in China for the best boat under 60 feet), Christian Grande, with a portfolio of important collaborations with shipyards like Picchio BoatSanLorenzo and SACS Marine, developed a project that hypothesizes the realization of floating units. The focal points of the new project include the modularity and the serial construction of elements that compose the units along with the infinite possibilities of personalization and customization.

Abifloat, (this is the name of the project that contains “sustaining and modular Floating Villas” as a sub-heading), is based on a floating form of 6.50 meters x 3.25 meters. The system can be expanded horizontally by coupling several basic modules and vertically up to two walkable floors. A wide range of outcomes can be created with the following formula, from the single bedsit to a proper floating village with multiple levels. In addition, thanks to the personalization options, the floating villas can be located and integrated into the pre-existing landscape and the surrounding marine area. The possibilities created by Abifloat would also allow to ‘urbanize’ the marine territory in a balanced way, with sustainable interventions that are perfectly adaptable to different environmental situations.



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