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America’s Cup: American Magic unveils its AC75 and the others do tests

After Alinghi Red Bull Racing, Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and INEOS Britannia, American Magic also showed its new AC75. On Thursday 25 April the doors of the New York Yacht Club team base opened and the new and third American AC75 was shown to the public for the first time. To build it, the team with Britt Ward and Pete Melvin, leader of the hull design team, took over 108,000 hours of work while the construction required 60,000 hours. (here all our post on America’s Cup)

America's Cup
American Magic’s new AC75 in front of the team’s base in Barcelona. © Job Vermeulen/ America’s Cup

A journey of 3500 miles

The journey of B3, this is the name of American Magic’s new AC75, began in November 2022 when the construction team led by Brandon Linton started work in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire shipyard. Once construction was completed, B3 was transported to Providence, Rhode Island, loaded onto an Antonov AN124 and taken to Barcelona where it arrived on March 29th.

America's Cup
The bow area of ​​B3 and the profile of the main deck. © Job Vermeulen/America’s Cup

America’s Cup: different lines for B3

Full shapes, keel with important volumes and a very linear deck profile. The profile of B3 differs from that of the other AC75s seen so far but contrary to what the other teams have done, the American Magic boat was presented without foil and rudder. The rudder was also missing, and the stern area is the one that raises the most interest with a sort of rudder attachment structure smaller than those of the other AC75s.

America's Cup
The port foil attachment and the stern area of ​​B3. © Job Vermeulen/America’s Cup

And meanwhile the others are doing tests

The day after the unveiling of B3, the first navigation of the INEOS Britannia AC75 which carried out the towing test was worth mentioning. But before being launched there was the possibility of seeing the foils with the camera and the Pitot tube which is used to measure the speed.

America's Cup
The starboard foil of INEOS Britannia. © Alex Carabi/America’s Cup

And while Ineos Britannia carried out its first towing test, taking advantage of the perfect weather conditions, Alinghi Red Bull Racing also continued its test outings, just as Cagliari and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli continued to do, sailing in almost flat seas after a few days of mistral winds. and wind between 9 and 14 knots.

At this point, all eyes are on the base of Orient Express, the last team that has yet to unveil its AC75 which, together with the other five, will be at the Preliminary Regattas on 22 August in Barcelona.

Emilio Martinelli

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