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America’s Cup: five in the water in Barcelona, ​​one towards the Atlantic

Two dates to note in the diary of the approach to the 37th Louis Vuitton Americas’ Cup. 6 and 7 June 2024. On the first day the new A75s, if there was any need, showed all the power of these boats that reached their third generation. On Thursday 6 June Patriot, the AC75 of American Magic was the protagonist of a spectacular accident fortunately without consequences for the crew and with damage soon to be repaired to the vessel. The following day, June 7, Orient Express, the AC75 of the French team led by Stephan Kandler and Bruno Dubois made its first navigation. (Here all our posts on the America’s Cup)

Orient Express during its first navigation. Photo © Alexander Champy-McLean Orient Express Racing Team

Broken Jib for Patriot

The dynamics of the accident involving American Magic’s Patriot is absolutely clear. The American AC75 was now at the end of its training session and was heading towards the port when, as Terry Hutchinson, president of sailing operations of the team following on board the chaseboat, said “The boat bore-away, they got a little high and…it looked like the elevator came out of the water and down she went so you know it’s a great reminder you got to stay tuned in the entire day..” The result was the jib broken and water on board. No one was hurt and after activating the on-board pumps aided by those of the assistance boat, Patriot was brought back to base.

Damage aboard Patriot. Photo © America’s Cup

America’s Cup: the long first day of Orient Express

Launching operations begin at 6.45am, trials begin at 4pm, the lowering of the sails at 8pm, arrival at the base at 9pm. It was an intense day for the first navigation of the Orient Express AC75 which finally sailed in the sea of ​​Barcelona on 7 June. As expected, there were some problems during the test with an oil leak from the Cunningham which forced the crew to interrupt navigation and to carefully clean the deck which had become dirty with oil. Then, now with the evening lights, the return to port.

Orient Express in front of Barcelona. Photo © Alexander Champy-McLean Orient Express Racing Team

Meanwhile, Taihoro has arrived in Panama

The Baltic Spring cargo ship with Taihoro, the AC75 of Emirates Team New Zealand, left the New Zealand port of Tauranga last May 24th has meanwhile arrived at the entrance to the Panama Canal. On Thursday 6 June, after around 13 days in the Pacific, Baltic Spring actually dropped anchor in the staging area for ships that need to cross the Canal to enter the Atlantic.

The position of Baltic Spring in front of the Panama Canal, on June 6, 2024.

Once past the Baltic Spring Channel it will set its bow towards Gibraltar, approximately 4300 miles and then head towards Barcelona. Still just under 1000 miles to reach the venue of the 37th Louis Vuitton America’s Cup.

Emilio Martinelli

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