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America’s Cup: less than 100 days to go

Less than 100 days from August 22nd when the 37th America’s Cup will really begin with the last Preliminary Regatta in Barcelona, ​​the six teams are experiencing very different situations. There are those who are travelling, those who have just got off a ship, those who continue training at sea and those who have not yet shown the ASC75 with which they will try to bring the Auld Mugh home. Here is the situation of the various teams starting with Emirates Team New Zealand and its Taihoro expected in early June in Barcelona. In the meantime he concentrated on preparing two using the AC40s, one of them in LEQ12 mode. (here all our posts on America’s Cup)

America's Cup
The two AC40s of Emirates Team New Zealand in training in the Hauraki Gulf. Photo © Sam Thom / America’s Cup

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli has landed in Barcelona

After more than two years in its base in Cagliari, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team left Italy and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli AC75 arrived in Barcelona on the afternoon of Friday 17 May. “We have completed our sea trial in Cagliari and it has been a very intense period: first the excitement of the launch, then the first sailing, and finally, the tests with the new wing, which we were looking forward to. We’ve been sailing in all kinds of weather, from flat sea to deep wave, to simulate some of the predominant conditions we will find in Barcelona, and I would say that the first feedback is really good. Ours is a goodbye, because surely the goal is to return to Cagliari, maybe with something important” declared Skipper and Team Director Max Sirena before the departure of the new AC75 launched last April 13th and which showed off a starboard foil that impressed all observers.

America's Cup
The new starboard foil of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli. Photo © Ivo Rovira/America’s Cup

America’s Cup: in Barcelona INEOS Britannia and Patriot with little wind

For the three teams already on the Barcelona regatta course, good days and some less so which also forced the AC75s to the ground. The weather conditions have in fact modified the training programs with days of light wind and others with even rain. However, as soon as possible the teams resumed the tests at sea. Not always completed. For example, on Thursday 15 May, two days before the official christening of the boat which was called Britannia, INEOS Britannia also tried to raise the large mainsail M1 and the jib J1 but not even those were sufficient to make useful tests possible.

America's Cup
INEOS Britannia durante un test a Barcellona. Photo © Job Vermeulen/America’s Cup

Patriot cyclors

On the same day, American Magic’s Patriot also carried out tests, again at the center of attention due to the arrangement of the cyclors behind the helmsmen and facing the stern. “I think having listened to a lot of the other teams talk about it, it’s something that I’m sure everyone considered – we certainly did – we looked at the numbers and added up the benefit versus the losses and obviously we ended up where we are but it’s not a massive surprise to see one of the teams end up there so yeah we’ll have to see how it plays out for the racing, and who got it right” commented Ben Cornish of INEOS Britannia.

America's Cup
Patriot in action. Photo © Alex Carabi /America’s Cup

America’s Cup: Alinghi shows new foils and waiting for Orient Express

In Barcelona, ​​like the English and Americans, the Swiss of Alinghi Red Bull Racing also carried out, when possible, a series of training sessions, during which they also tested new foils with very evident terminals and a very particular transition between the connecting bulb to the arm and the foil itself.

The special Alinghi Red Bull Racing foils. Photo © Paul Todd/America’s Cup

Now with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli they have risen to four teams based in Barcelona. We are just waiting for the French of Orient Express to show their AC75 built on the package purchased from Emirates Team New Zealand and the arrival of Taihoro. Then we can really begin the countdown to the 37th America’s Cup.

Emilio Martinelli

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