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Anvera: a new way of experiencing the sea

Anvera is the result of a collaboration between the LG shipyard directed by Luca Ferrari, Giancarlo Galeone and Gilberto Grassi, and Drudi-Performance. The result is an innovative vessel which required complex design and technology, the use of special materials and attention to the smallest of details. Anvera is entirely constructed from carbon, epoxy resin and special tools executed at the LG srl plant: it is light, but also exceptionally resistant.


Anvera a new way to life the sea , beach area of 20 square meters , 6.5 square meters of bow sundeck , a comfortable table 8/10 places to give Anvera a unique liveability for a 55 feet.

“Innovation is about conquering new heights which have never been reached by anyone else”, explained Luca Ferrari by LG, “Anvera is an optimisation without precedent in terms of size and performance, a veritable concentration of made in Italy advanced technology. It features one of the best weight/ power ratios and at the same time distinguishes itself for a notable reduction in horse power, resulting in truly remarkable consumption efficiency: Anvera is infact a 55 feet that consumes 4,9 litres mile of fuel at 40 knots.The elegant simplicity of its lines, designed in accordance with function, and the research for the most extensive available space, has resulted in a harmonious yet aggressive and sporty vessel, true to the “Racing” spirit of Drudi-Performance”, said Ferrari.


“The vessel is characterised by two airfoil 12m long masts which delimit the deckhouse, the control dashboard and cockpit cover”, explained designer Aldo Drudi. “Anvera’s hull is designed around hydrodynamics whereas the design of outer parts is inspired by aerodynamics. The beautifully harmonious integrated air ducts located in the vessel’s sole, light column bearing the superstructure truly embodies racing style: I thought of a dolphin and I created Anvera. “

These features have been distilled into the acronym COB: crossoverboat, a perfect definition of Anvera’s attitude.

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