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Arcadia Yachts: ten years of success

Ten years have passed since the first A85 was presented to the public at BOOT Düsseldorf 2010, marking the introduction of a new concept of yacht.


During these ten years, Arcadia Yachts has gained a starring role on the stage of international yachting, delivering approximately 30 Yachts and always placing Owners and their needs at the heart of every project. 


Returning to Düsseldorf after four years, for such an important anniversary, had a special meaning for us,” explains Ugo Pellegrino, Sole Director of the Italian shipyard. “In 2010 Arcadia entered the German market with a product that was never seen before, definitely innovative and decidedly different. So, that morning in 2010, the Show opened its doors at 10am and, at 10:10, the first model was instantly appreciated and purchased by a great savant of the sea world, who decided to live on water, immersed in the world of Arcadia.” 

Ugo Pellegrino

While the number 10 was apparently important on the debut day of Arcadia Yachts, there are many figures that explain the decade of success experienced by the Italian shipyard:


6 models launched; 
2 ranges, the A range (A85, A85S, A105, A115) and the Sherpa range (Sherpa and Sherpa XL);
30 Arcadia Yachts currently sailing around the world;
7 models currently under construction;
746.94 linear metres is the total length of all the Arcadia hulls launched in these ten years;
23 are the nationalities of the owners of Arcadia Yachts;
150 craftsmen and professional workers every year are involved in the creation of Arcadia Yachts;
47,000 square metres is the total area taken up by the Italian shipyard;
11 prizes awarded to Arcadia Yachts, the most recent being the World Yachts Trophies, awarded to the Sherpa XL;  
38 is by how much, in percentage, the efficiency of the Yachts’ solar panels has increased over the past ten years. 

Sherpa XL

Arcadia Yachts has therefore celebrated its first ten years of activity by taking its newest born, the Sherpa XL, to Germany. With characteristics typically found in the 85-90 feet segment, this yacht confirms the Italian shipyard truly is an innovator.

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