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Beast 58m Dubois Sloop

Rigorous tank tests have been done for Royal Huisman’s new sloop that points to the top.

“The bigger the model, the more accurate the results, because you can bring each data in any given scale except for the viscosity of water.” This is how the English designer Ed Dubois, founder of the homonymous studio, Explains the reason behind the choice of a 6 meter model to test Beast’s waterlines, Royal Huisman‘s new 58 meter sloop. The tests conducted at the British Wolfson Unit reseach center in Southampton, allowed to achieve the best compromise between the reduction of the wet surface and the maximum containment of the forward resistance always maintaining the boat’s stability.

Further CFD trials (Computational Fluid Dyanmics) have been run on the lifting keel’s behaviour and on the equipment that consists of a 71 meters mast manufactured by Rondal in Holland. The shipowner has assigned the interiors to Rick Baker and Paul Morgan‘s studio and some elements will be customised by Francis Sultana. The lighting for the ambients carries the signature of Light Corporation Ltd.

Dubois Naval Architects

Royal Huisman

Francis Sultana

The Light Corporation

Rick Baker / Paul Morgan


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