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Begallta by Crn, Lobanov and Pulina design

With exteriors by Lobanov Design, interiors by Pulina DNA and CRN as her builder, the 75-metre Begallta oozes star quality. “Creating iconic yachts that etch themselves into the imagination at first sight is what our design approach is all about.

The constant quest for dynamic, ingenious, original solutions that instantly express 

a precise idea through the use of different styles is integral to our way of working, alongside the imperative to bring the unexpected to life,” declared Igor Lobanov whose stamp is everywhere on this design.

A sharp, edgy silhouette and tapering bow quickly indicate that is no ordinary craft. Begallta’s hallmark is a line that slants ribbon-like along the hull and superstructure, seamlessly creating a superb sense of fluidity. At her aft end, the cut of the corners on all three decks lends a futuristic feel to the whole design. 

As do genuinely quirky details such as the fire pit in the centre of the main cockpit. We can’t wait to see the interiors!

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