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Benetti Crystal at Miami Boat Show

Benetti ChystalThe fifth (BY005) Benetti Crystal 140 M/Y MR D – to date built in seven units – and part of Class full displacement range of Benetti current production will make her U.S. debut at next 2016 Yachts Miami Beach Show.

Light, transparency, and enhancement of spaces characterise the essence of the Crystal 140’, the new boatin the Benetti Class range, born from the hands of Stefano Righini for the exterior layout and Ezequiel Farca for the interiors and decoration design. The Crystal 140’ is suited to the type of boat owner who turns toward the sea with great respect and who knows how to derive pleasure from a slow pace. Her name is Crystal. For the Greeks, this meant ice. Later it became the name for a solid mineral form synonymous with light and transparency.

The modern sea requires light, needs concrete vistas of the corners of paradise that only modern “navetta” have the ability to provide.

To reach enchanted places, all the security of a displacement hull with its gifts of intrinsic environmental compatibility through reduced consumption, gentle navigation that creates few waves. To experience the sea with large space above and below decks, with achievement of light and new functions. The interiors reveal the basic reasons for its name: a redistribution of spaces that exploits the entire volume of hull, along with special attention to light, thanks to new windows that literally eclipse the competition and the past.

Four decks that are fully liveable, with large areas for socialising that are protected with maximum privacy. The Crystal measures 42 metres in length and 9 metres in width at full beam. Its displacement is 375 tonnes. The engines are twin Cat C32 Acer delivering 1081 kW. And with a fuel reserve of 64,550 litres, the Crystal has a conventional oceanic range of 4,000 miles, which places it among authentic “navetta” that are capable of travelling around the world and exploring locales where autonomy and spending long periods without refuelling becomes essential. Maximum speed at half load is 15 knots, with 14 knots possible at 85% power.

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