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Benetti Custom FB284

Presented during an amazing online press conference, the new Benetti Custom FB284 features, once again, exteriors and compartments arrangement by Italian designer Giorgio M. Cassetta while interiors are by Benetti in-house architecture and interior design department. Featuring a length of 37 meters and six decks, the yacht is based on the same successful platform of Benetti’s four latest mega yachts of over 60 meters, with 7 guest cabins and 11 crew cabins for up to 19 members.

Spaces are all well-arranged and optimized to guarantee exceptional quality and comfort on board. Giorgio M. Cassetta’s style enhances the horizontal development and, therefore, the length of the boat while the harmonious lateral lines streamline the overall mass of the superstructures. The only element that deliberately breaks the continuity of the boat’s line is represented by the bridge wings which, enhanced in their discontinuity by the surrounding surfaces, load the design with personality and exhibit an exquisite combination of form and function. The tails of the decks have been interpreted with an upward momentum and create a feeling of lightening of the superstructure and greater height of the external areas. The result is a hull with an imposing bow and clean and elegant streamlined lines.

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