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Benetti: Worldwide Premiere for the Mediterraneo 116 at the Cannes Yacht Festival

At the  Cannes Yachting Festival, Benetti officially presented the new Mediterraneo 116’. The new Class Displacement series’ model, a 35,5-meter characterized by smooth and slender lines, represents a true stylistic revolution for the shipyard.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116

One of the main focuses of the project surely is the brightness theme: the careful superstructure’s design provides a sensation of luminosity, amplified by several elements on board. For instance, the 2-meter-wide crystal doors that from the main deck leads to the main salon, or the continuous 3-meter-tall majestic windows. In the same salon, in the dining area, two windows give onto the exterior walkway that, thanks to its width, can also be used as a balcony.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116_bow

On the main deck, another perfect example of the revolution in design and layout can be found, brought us by the Benetti Mediterraneo 116′: the 6-meter-wide cockpit allows a panoramic view of the sea right forward with intelligent use of ergonomic spaces.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116_detail

Further forward, always on the main deck, there are the owner’s apartments, while guests have at their disposal 4 cabins in the lower deck, each one enriched by a large window, which gives an exceptional sea-level view. The design is excellent for the crew movement as well, granting the perfect privacy and the maximum efficiency.

A large space is dedicated to fun and entertainments on the external area, with a huge completely customizable area on the upper deck.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116_cockpit

Performance is guaranteed by two Man V-12-1400 developing 1,400hp each, giving the 116′ a top speed of 15 knots. At ten knots, the efficient hull design gives the Mediterraneo 116′ a cruising range of 3,000 nautical miles.

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