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Black Cat: 50 meters of power and elegance

blackcat-1000-547The BlackCat is officially here. The BlackCat brand, founded by champion Australian yachtsman Mitch Booth, will set the standard in large luxury cruising multihulls.

BlackCat has teamed up with world-renowned superyacht designer, Malcolm McKeon, to produce an extraordinary balance of sleek, state-of-the-art designs and high-performance. “This ‘supercat’ concept is really exciting because there is nothing else available that combines the practicality of an enormous, stable, platform, with exhilarating performance. The accommodation space on board is a whopping 340 square metres, all within a 50-metre vessel; something that has not been done until now.

It’s a logical progression for superyacht designs to move towards catamarans. There are so many advantages to large multihull cruising compared to our monohull cousins, such as speed, space, low heel, comfort, the list goes on and on”, Booth said.

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