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Boero YachtCoatings signs Edge, the first M/Y Sharp XSR

Boero YachtCoatings, has signed a new and important project by supplying the entire painting cycle for the first M/Y Sarp XSR christened Edge.

EDGE Sarp XSR is a splendid 26-metre M/Y launched by Sarp Yachts, a shipyard specialised in the construction of luxury yachts and refit of SuperYachts founded in Antalya (Turkey).

Specially designed products

All products suggested by Boero YachtCoatings for the project were specifically designed to ensure high performance, surface protection and high quality aesthetics, combining engineering efficiency and cutting-edge design for an unmistakable result. 

Boero YachtCoatings designs for the entire hull

Going deeper into the painting cycle, Delta 3000 epoxy primer was used above the waterline as an anchoring coat, then coated with Epolight Win: the most flexible and lightest two-component epoxy filler on the market, capable of guaranteeing the highest aesthetic standards in the industry without compromising the boat’s speed and final weight. As a final step, Epomar finishing putty was applied to achieve an extremely smooth surface free of irregularities and Delta UC HB primer to seal the various layers.

Boero YachtCoatings full paint system

To ensure a high-performance result, the Boero full paint system takes advantage of the mechanical characteristics of each individual product. In this case, the two-component epoxy undercoat Epoply ensures a solid base to support the Challenger Pro, the two-component polyacrylic finish designed to meet the yacht’s durability requirements under operating conditions, applied in orange.


Challenger Pro is able to protect against ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents, as well as providing an excellent aesthetic effect. The wide range of colours available can satisfy any owner’s demand for gloss and customisation, resulting in unique designs. With the Challenger Mix tinting system it is possible to create more than 200,000 colours in three different finishes: pastel, metallic, pearl, able to withstand the elements and the marine environment thanks to the use of selected raw materials, in line with the latest regulations and production processes to guarantee constant quality.

Boero YachtCoatings products also underwater

Even under the waterline, state-of-the-art products have been selected to offer maximum protection of the hull, such as the Delta 3000 epoxy primer, used as an anchoring coat, the Epolight Win filler and the Defender primer to support the Magellan 630 Extra antifouling, top of the range self-polishing sililacrylate-based antifouling, developed with the innovative SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) technology, effective against the most aggressive fouling and ideal for limiting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Boero YachtCoatings


The M/Y Sarp XSR Edge is able to enhance the qualitative and aesthetic performance of the Boero YachtCoatings painting cycle, in particular of the Brands of The Future: Challenger PRO, Magellan 630 Extra and the range of Fillers, including Epolight Win. Three fundamental assets for the strategic evolution of the Boero Group’s Yachting division, which wants to strongly impose itself as a one-global-supplier for the full paint system and for the supply of services.

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