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The GULFMASTER GWN-Q1000 is a seagoing concept model equipped with quad sensors to track ocean conditions, aiming to assist coast guard officers and others in security and rescue activities at sea. The atmospheric pressure sensor helps to predict suddenly changing weather conditions, the temperature sensor reads changes in air and water temperature, the compass bearing sensor helps detect wind and tidal direction, and the water depth sensor measures current depth under water.


These sensors enable the user to assess changing ocean conditions in real time, in situations where they may be racing against time and the natural elements.
For ease of access, information from the five sensor modes (atmospheric pressure, altitude, temperature, compass bearing, and depth), as well as sudden atmospheric changes and a tide graph showing low and high tide information, are indicated on the inset dial at the 5 o’clock position.


A dual coil motor enables a retrograde movement to display the information, for ease of recognition.
Optimized for use in ocean environments, the watch case is made from carbon fiber materials for superior rigidity. The button casings use metal pipes for high durability and enhanced water resistance. Furthermore, the shock absorbent back cover and watchband are made of soft urethane for better comfort on the wrist.

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