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CentroStile redefines tenders

A 10m convertible tender that represents an innovative project. This is the challenge of Centrostile Design, the company based in Mordano (Bologna) led by David Cipriani and specialized for 15 years in design services and design in the marine industry. The new project has as an element characterizing the sunroof in the bow which, once opened, allows you to switch easily from the spaces of a traditional tender, to a limo destined to yachts of great prestige. The convertible roof is a project of Centrostile Design, who oversaw the engineering that allows the automatic opening fully integrated into the structure. Equally innovative solutions adopted in the hull with the integration of the fender into the side and that of the driving seat in the chassis. In all adds then the possibility of two sun areas in the living that expands the sector , changing a boat generally thought of as a means of service. 

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