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Jet 2020, Fulvio Codecasa’s incredible project

Codecasa Jet 2020. When tradition, together with knowledge of the industry, is combined with intuition and creative virtuosity, an innovative explosion is born that is unique in its kind, and that breaks all known patterns, because evolution becomes revolution and transformation. (Here all our posts about Codecasa)

Codecasa Jet 2020 

The Codecasa Jet 2020 is undoubtedly an unexpected burst of progress that takes one by surprise with its aerial lines and the stylistic evolution developed by the Codecasa Shipyards who, with great determination, launched it on the market destined to mark a new trend in yachting.

Recently this project has also been the subject of a reinterpretation through the close collaboration between Fulvio Codecasa and one of the most prestigious names in international nautical design, Arch. Tommaso Spadolini.

Codecasa Jet 2020 with the collaboration of Tommaso Spadolini

On the strength of a collaboration and understanding that has lasted for years, Codecasa and Spadolini have made a few but substantial changes that have affected both the external lines and the redistribution of interior spaces.

With regard to the latter, now standing out as the jewel in the crown of this yacht is the Owner’s Suite which, located aft, is spread over two floors, guaranteeing maximum comfort and extreme privacy for the occupants.

Inspired by the world of aviation

Who said that sea and sky only meet on the horizon? With the Codecasa Shipyards, water and air come together in the innovative design of the 70-metre Codecasa Jet 2020, which transfers stylistic features borrowed from aviation to the nautical world. The new project, born from the intuition and hand of Fulvio Codecasa, completely breaks the mould and the typical lines of the Viareggio shipyard’s seafaring tradition and yachts, among which it stands out as a unique specimen, destined to set trends. Stylistically speaking, the Codecasa Jet 2020 was born drawing inspiration from the typical lines of aviation and reinterprets them in a nautical key, giving rise to something truly never seen at sea. The lines are clean and essential, the spaces, both interior and exterior, immense.

Jet 2020, a bow that looks like a cockpit

The bow section of the yacht, whose compact, rounded shape is reminiscent of an aircraft cockpit, and which, like the Cargo bow, opens up to give access to the mooring area, is skilfully lightened by the central body, a sort of fuselage that ’empties’ into a Sun Deck of considerable dimensions (the preliminary design indicates an overall length of about 20.00 metres, and a width of about 10.00 metres). The latter is equipped with all the comforts and services needed to experience the sea in absolute relaxation, including a sunken swimming pool measuring 6.00 metres x 2.00 metres, with large sunbathing areas and a covered Gymnasium.

An unconventional sun deck

The Sun Deck extends to the aft part of the yacht, which again fills the lines in a vertical development reminiscent of an aircraft tail. Here, the Beach Club, at the water’s edge, is served by a lift that joins it first to a Hall and then to a Skylounge with large windows and a height of 3.00 metres, which houses the Salon and the main dining room, flush with the Sun Deck.

A quality guest area 

Guests are accommodated in 4 luxurious cabins on the Lower Deck which, in the area furthest forward, also houses the crew quarters. Finally, the command area, located on the Wheelhouse Deck, is conveniently served by an additional lift that connects the three Decks and is directly connected, via a corridor, to the Master Cabin. Finally, in a continuous game of suspension and balance between waves and clouds, the yacht’s features are completed by the landing platform for a medium/large helicopter at the stern and the double tender area on the sides amidships, with air intakes recalling jet jet engines.

A little brother is also on the way

Such is the faith that Fulvio Codecasa has placed in this project and such is the enthusiasm with which Arch. Spadolini has welcomed the idea, that the builder and architect have also started to collaborate on a smaller version, the CODECASA JET 50 of 49.9 metres overall length, with a Gross Tonnage of less than 500 tonnes.

Jet 2020 will be the flagship of Codecasa Shipyards

Still being defined from the point of view of technical equipment, the new Codecasa Jet 2020, destined to become the new flagship of Codecasa Shipyards, will be characterised by the well-known and high quality standards that have made the Shipyard famous all over the world and will be equipped with the most innovative technological equipment available on the market, including radar antennas which, in the typical style of AWACS aircraft, will be incorporated inside a carbon fibre dome.

Finally, the yacht will be certified by the main internationally recognised Classification and Flag Bodies, such as Lloyd’s Register and the MCA, to ensure that the discovery of new horizons will always take place in conditions of maximum safety.

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    Howard Apollonio, NA,PE says:

    I appreciate seeing such clear innovation that seems solid and well thought-out. Being from an established shipyard of Codecasa’s caliber rather than some far-out concept from a less credible entity is refreshing.
    Keep up the good work.