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Columbus 80

Stretching 79.5 metres in length and 13 in the beam, the Columbus 80 is a steel and aluminium displacement yacht with a glass lift linking her six decks. 


This new design is also the first foray by Columbus, a Palumbo Group member, into the megayacht sector. 


Exterior-wise, the 80’s lines are classic with a longitudinal sweep to the bow and a traditional white hull livery broken only by the big windows and the transverse flaring of the various decks.

COL.79.5MY.MD 200 Salon 02 A2 (L)

The interiors are sober and contemporary in style – the colour palette focuses on neutrals that meld well together and simple, clean lines for the decorative features.

COL.79.5MY.MD 200 Salon 03 A2 (L)

The ambience is sophisticated thanks to the clever alternation of the luxury materials used. In a new move, various sections of the yacht will build simultaneously in different production facilities, making the process hugely efficient. Twin 2,240 Kw straight-shaft engines will provide the power. 

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