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Cone Club, a dream holiday in Baia Sardinia

Notice to mariners. Or rather, to all fans of exclusive landings. One of the coolest destinations for summer 2023 is the Cone Club Sardinia. (Here all our posts about Sardinia)

A true oasis of peace and relaxation where you can regenerate and live in contact with unspoilt nature. Inaugurated last year, it is part of the 7Pines Resort Sardinia and is located in the vicinity of Baja Sardinia, one of the most beautiful and celebrated spots on the Costa Smeralda. 

Cone Club

Cone Club, holidays to the sound of music

The concept of the resort is designed to savour and enjoy every moment that a unique season like summer can offer. Beginning with sunbathing, which, from 12 noon onwards, is enriched by the vibrant notes of a DJ set, the ideal soundtrack to accompany diving into the crystal-clear waters of this corner of paradise.

Music which, not by chance, represents one of the most important ingredients of the formula characterising the offer of the Cone Club Sardinia. Hence the management’s decision to call on the experience of the likes of Tolga Yildiz, also known as DJ Ray Bucks, whose fame has led him to play in renowned venues such as the Paradise Club, the Scorpios and the Nōema in Mykonos, the Bonbonierre in London, the GAGA Club in Hamburg and many others.

From downtempo to house rhythms

 The Cone Club’s musical proposal ranges over different electronic sounds: from downtempo to organic and melodic house rhythms and afro-house. But it doesn’t end there. In July and August, there will also be the opportunity to see Italian DJ Marco Carpentieri at work, whose console performances will add value to special moments such as the sunset hour to be savoured to the full thanks also to cocktails prepared by a young and creative crewtender. 

Cone Club, added value haute cuisine

There is no shortage of gastronomic experiences thanks to the touch of a kitchen brigade led by international chefs with long experience in starred restaurants. It is up to them to add value, through original recipes, to the flavours of a land that boasts a long and renowned gastronomic tradition. 

How to get to the Cone Club? Nothing could be easier, from the sea by boat or with the exclusive tender service, from the air thanks to the presence of a helicopter landing pad and finally, more simply, from the ground by car. 

Matteo Zaccagnino

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