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Dominator Illumen 28 by Luca Catino

After the Illumen 28, which won the World Yacht Trophy at Cannes in 2018, Luca Catino has created the interiors for the new Illumen 36 and 38s for the Dominator yard.

The leitmotifs for both are geometries, ergonomics, functionality and materials.“The styling evolved naturally and centres strongly around the visual and tactile perception of the materials,” explains Catino.

“The colours and simplicity of the lines are important because they help create a sense of immense serenity and elegance at once”. 

The focus aboard the 36M was on creating bright interiors and using light colours as a counterpoint to a muted palette that, at the owner’s request, references the colours of the sea.

The 38M, on the other hand, is inspired by CadetV, which won at Cannes last year, but has softer lines and more luxurious materials. 

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