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Eberhard & Co. : a great maritime tradition

Eberhard & Co. and the sea. The Maison from La Chaux-de-Fonds has chosen Genoa, and more precisely the Boat Show, to reinforce its bond with the world of the sea. An absolute premiere and the best way to celebrate the milestone of 135 years of the watchmaker’s history in the world of hands. (Here all our posts about Eberhard & Co.)

Eberhard & Co.

Eberhard & Co., the Scafograf 300 MCMLIX

As well as marking time, in the role of official timekeeper, for what went down in history as a record edition in terms of participation in the Ligurian boat show, Eberhard & Co. also took the opportunity to present two important novelties: the Scafograf 300 MCMLIX and the Scafograf 200 DLC limited edition. The two references enrich with new technical and aesthetic content a collection first launched at the end of the 1950s and re-proposed by Eberhard & Co. in 2016. 

Eberhard & Co.
The Scafograf 300

From the Scafograf to Azzurra 

From the Scafograf to Azzurra: the sea is a source of inspiration and a channel for communicating the values of the Maison. “In 1983, the brand went on board the first Italian challenge to the America’s Cup,” says Mario Peserico, managing director of Eberhard Italia, “It was a special moment because it focused the attention of an entire nation on a sport that was still little known. For the first time we found ourselves supporting the Azzurri of sailing”. The relationship between Eberhard & Co. and the sea began in the 1930s when the watch manufacturer produced a model for the Regia Marina Militare. 

Eberhard & Co.
The Scafograf 200 Limited Edition

Eberhard & Co., the Scafograf was born

A path resumed in 1958 with the registration of the Scafograf brand, which from that moment on would give life to a collection of underwater timepieces subsequently declined in a series of versions capable of reaching depths of up to 1,000 metres. A year before Azzurra, in 1982, the experience was enriched with the Chrono Marine, a re-edition of a model made in the 1930s for the Regia Marina Militare.

Eberhard & Co.

In 2005 came the Scafodat, thanks to which diving times were calculated on a sexagesimal scale. And then came the consecration, in 2016, when the maison presented the new Scafograf collection at the Basel boat show. Since then, the link with the marine element has become indissoluble and today it is strengthened through the partnership with the Genoa Boat Show. An absolute first, as Mario Peserico tells us in this interview. Among the activities for 2022 is a presence at the Genoa Boat Show. 

Eberhard & Co.
Scafograf 200 DLC Limited Edition

How did you come to this choice?

As in all activities in which we are present, there is a theme of consistency with the values and history of the brand. The link between Eberhard &Co. and the sea dates back to the 1930s when the watchmaker supplied some timepieces to the Royal Navy.

Eberhard & Co.

In more recent times, the turning point was the arrival in 2016 of the new Scafograf collection, a highly successful model that put the sea back at the centre of our strategies. And when it came along, we didn’t miss the chance to be the official watch of the Genoa Boat Show, now the most important event in Italy for sea and nautical enthusiasts. It’s a way of celebrating an important milestone achieved by the Maison. 

Eberhard & Co.
The Mareoscope

Which one are you referring to?

This year Eberhard & Co. celebrates 135 years

since its foundation. A history in which the sea has always played an important role, characterising its path through dedicated collections. Genoa and the boat show seemed to us to be the ideal stage on which to highlight these aspects by virtue also of an audience that shares a passion for the sea.

Eberhard & Co.
Mario Peserico AD Eberhard Italia

In detail, how will Eberhard & Co.’s presence at the show be articulated?

We will name the theatre where the events on the calendar will take place. Adjacent to this area we will also have a lounge in which we will be able to display some collections including some previews.

Eberhard & Co.

Can you tell us what they will be?

A celebratory edition, limited to 135 pieces, of the Scafograf 200 DLC and the Scafograf 300 MCMLIX in a new, unprecedented green shade.

Eberhard & Co.

Speaking of the market instead, what are the feelings for this 2022?

The trend is definitely very positive. We have noticed how the end consumer has developed a growing interest in independent brands in recent times. The excellent results achieved in 2021, which are also reflected in the first months of this year, are confirming this.

Matteo Zaccagnino

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