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“El Leon”, the new Mangusta’s flagship has been launched

“El Leon” has been launched.  It is the first ship of the Overmarine Group’s new fast displacement line in aluminium. These are ships that can combine long range and best performance in displacement mode with high speeds, those typical of high-performance yachts, whenever desired by the Owner.

EL LEON_the launch (4)

The launching ceremony took place in the Navicelli area, in Pisa, at the presence of the Owner, his family and friends, the City authorities, both of Pisa and Viareggio, the Balducci family and everyone who contributed to the creation of the vessel, excited and proud of the result.

EL LEON_the launch (2)

The Mangusta GranSport line is designed by Alberto Mancini. Its lines tell of a ship with a brilliant personality both aesthetically and functionally, a line the reflects the muscular and dynamic lines typical of Mangusta but with the aggressiveness suited to a sporty RPH yacht.

A sleek profile, a powerful engine, high cruising speed and ample and functional spaces on-board: this model can easily cover long distances, quickly and comfortably.

EL LEON_the launch (3)

Aesthetically, it expresses at its best the uniqueness of the Mangusta. The lines are aerodynamic, balanced and straightforward: a stern of great character and extremely dynamic; air intakes created as slits straight into the aluminium, sloped windshields and uprights integrated to the rollbar. The Jacuzzi and swimming pool dominate the bow sun bridge and bring light into the Owner headthrough glass skylight on the bottom. On the stern, the rotation of the central and lateral doors gives life to a “club on the sea” made of perfectly equipped terraces and beach area. The flybridge boasts a central bar designed to serve both spaces, towards the bow a dining area protected by a hard top and towards the stern a living area. All the exterior spaces can be used in full safety also during navigation.

EL LEON_the launch (1)

The interior areas communicate with the exterior ones through vast windowed surfaces in a concept of fluidity and continuitythat characterises the entire vessel.

Thanks to four MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines and the presence of stabilisers,“El Leon”can reach a top speed of almost 30 knots, in maximum comfort, with low consumption and an autonomy of approximately 3,500 miles.

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