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Maximum speed: 4 2.7 knots at full throttle. “But that’s not what makes the difference. It’s how it goes on the water that really makes it unique.”

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The words of Valeria Guidetti, head of the AB Yachts’ style department since 2011, describing the new AB145. What she means is that the 4 4.5-metre yacht makes just short of 43 knots without generating any vibration, thereby guaranteeing guests an unparalleled standard of comfort. “


It’s the result of advanced hydrodynamic research, our construction technologies and the use of water jets. A philosophy that has always been a signature of our boats.” The AB145 splashed in July but is the product of a long research and design project that began in 2013. “It’s a development of the 140,” continues Guidetti, “but the spaces are much larger.”


The build of the new flagship commenced in 2014 and it is entirely the work of the yard’s technicians from its deep-vee planing hull to its interiors. The aforementioned hull comprises vacuum-bagged Kevlar, carbon-fibre, fiberglass and epoxy.


As with all AB Yachts models, these advanced composites are held together using a special adhesive system that eliminates screws, rivets and other methods. Three 2600 hp MTUs coupled with MJP water jets provide the propulsion. The combination of the hull, build, weight-saving sandwich interiors and that propulsion set-up deliver that impressive 4 2.7 knots at full throttle which eases off only slightly to 38 in cruising mode.


Most impressively, however, there is absolutely no vibration and very little noise. “We wanted to put most of the emphasis on the owner’s quarters in the interiors and the whole of the foredeck is dedicated to them,” says Guidetti. “This is a space with very direct contact with the sea. The cabin proper has a double berth at its centre and also a balcony that opens out on the starboard side. There are large side windows and also one that faces and opens onto the foredeck. The latter has a sofa and can also take a Jacuzzi to create a private lounging area for the owner.”


The AB 145 is not short on deck space, as attested by a large sunning area aft with a wet bar, a sofa and armchairs. Up on the fly, the owner opted for freestanding furnishings that could be arranged to suit requirements. The main deck has a dining area separate from the roomy saloon which opens into the cockpit. Below are a crew area forward and then three V IPS plus a t wo-berth guest. The gym can be converted into yet another cabin.


The atmosphere throughout is warm and welcoming, thanks to the use of limed oak which works effectively with the distressed wood of the floors to enhance the feeling of cocoon-like comfort and ease. Natural light also plays its part as does artificial, courtesy of Contardi. The fit-out is superbly executed with sober yet comfortable furnishings. The new AB145, a yacht that epitomises and enhances a philosophy that melds performance with design for a very different seafaring experience.


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