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Ferretti Yachts 1000: Exterior design

It’s the largest model ever built by the yard and brilliantly encapsulates a very precise aesthetic and stylistic vision. But that is just the start of the story. This new model also offers a whole string of leading-edge technical and design features, all crafted to enrich the on-board experience. 

The sketch of the Ferretti Yachts 1000 designed by Filippo Salvetti.

Its living space cleverly creates a powerful connection with the surrounding environment and seascape. And is also a refreshing departure from existing configurations. The idea being, of course to blur the divisions between outside and inside by placing the emphasis on flow in every sense of the word.

Depending on the engines, the Ferretti Yachts 1000 can reach a top speed of 24 or 28 knots.

The Ferretti Yachts 1000, which features on the cover of Top Yacht Design no. 28, is the standard-bearer for a new approach that sees innovation taking centre stage yet coexisting in perfect harmony with a tradition expressed in the meticulous craftsmanship visible in every last detail aboard. Nothing has been left to chance, including the purpose of the exterior lines penned by Filippo Salvetti. 

Two other sketches by Salvetti highlighting the importance of the windows.

As with the previous models, the Ferretti Yachts 1000 was a joint creative effort between Filippo Salvetti, the Group’s Strategic Product Committee chaired by Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group  Engineering Department, and Ideaeitalia which created the interior concept. 

The bow features a large dormeuse near the bridge and a slightly lowered cockpit.

At first sight, the Ferretti Yachts 1000 dazzles with striking lines sculpted around impressive volumes. The result – for which we have Salvetti’s invaluable input to thank – is a craft with a beautifully balanced yet sleekly dynamic profile that also references  its Ferretti Yachts bloodline. All these elements combine to make the design of the new Ferretti  Yachts flagship unique of its kind.  The choices that led to its innovative bow section are a case in point. 

30.13 metres long, the Ferretti Yachts 1000 has a beam of 6.81 metres.

 “Our approach was to create an area spread over three levels,” adds Salvetti. “There are several different functional advantages to this, not least guaranteeing maximum visibility from the bridge. This also helped us to change the experience of this area of the boat by putting a day bed just in front of the bridge and then to create a full cockpit on a lower level further forward, before finishing up with a more technical area foremost.  In terms of onboard experience, this allowed us to achieve our goal of creating spaces that feel almost floating or suspended without any visual barriers in front or to the sides, in turn enhancing the en plein air experience underway in particular”. 

Two more sketches by Salvetti show the yacht’s sleek lines.

This choice also further streamlined the yacht’s profile. One of the most intriguing challenges in the development of the Ferretti Yachts 1000 design, in fact, was to clothe its very generous volumes in dynamic, flowing exterior styling. Hence the wide-body option behind reused for the master suite area which results in larger interior volumes but only minimally impacts the lines that create the 1000’s captivating profile.  

The Ferretti Yachts 1000 has an owner’s suite forward on the main deck and four double cabins on the lower deck.

“This model stands out for its uncompromising formal purity,” continues Salvetti. “The delicate relationship between dark and light elements comes into play once again here and has a central role in creating a beautifully proportioned overall impression”. The low raked profile of the carbon-fibre hard top and the design of the aft and central fashion plates all create a sense of tension and help create that streamlined look.

The construction of Ferretti Yachts 1000 required 40,000 hours of research, including 4,250 hours of naval design and 9,650 hours of mould and prototype construction.

“We decided to simplify and pare back as much as possible the elements that characterise the design of the bodywork, to borrow a term from car design,” continues Salvetti. “That allowed us to create a sense of elegance very far removed from current trends that will stand the test of time”.

The beach club is equipped with a small beach, a Ferretti Yachts patent, from which, when submerged, three steps emerge to facilitate climbing out of the water or accessing the garage.

Once again in the case of the Ferretti Yachts 1000, the exterior styling was crafted to enhance the experience of onboard living. Full-height windows guarantee a powerful connection with the surrounding world, which is ever present and always to the forefront. The designers sought to blur to virtually nothing the sense of separation between interiors and exterior. The result is that the large aft cockpit flows naturally into the living area, becoming an al fresco extension of it and a signature of the design.

Filippo Salvetti

Sticking with a tried and tested layout, the latter is spread over two levels and is very versatile in terms of its uses, which include establishing physical contact with the sea.  Which comes as no surprise as the Ferretti Yachts 1000 is a yacht that both promises and delivers a unique emotional experience. 

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