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First Contact

Created by Advanced Yacht, a boat offering so much deck space that it would be difficult to imagine life without it.


This was one of the most impressive boats of the season and it’s the product of a collaborative effort between a newly-founded boatyard, the renowned duo of yacht designers Reichel/Pugh and the cutting edge design studio Nauta. The first aspect that stands out is the large well deck – this is in fact one of the distinctive aspects of the A66 that make it so unique. There are a further three different zones on deck, all of which are accessible without encountering obstacles. The interior is extremely attractive and functional, although one of the most impressive aspects of the A66 is the extensive scope for personalisation offered. Practically every single detail of the boat can be changed to suit the preferences of the individual owner. The first example built has a remarkable five cabins: a configuration made possible by relocating the galley from its conventional location to the bow.

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