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Future-e, a new, amazing concept by Centrostiledesign

Future-e is the concept for a small, revolutionary boat, recently presented by Centrostiledesign, the Bologna-based nautical and industrial design studio. (Here all our posts about Centrostiledesign)


Just five metre for revolution

At just five metres in length, the Future-e may just be about to give us the boat we still haven’t got yet but always wanted.

Centrostiledesign has drawn together the best of the nautical, aeronautical and automobile industries to create a vessel that flies over the waves on four foils and is super sustainable into the bargain.

Four retractable foils combined with electric motors deliver exceptional comfort at the lowest possible power requirement. Recycled and recyclable construction materials only up the model’s eco credentials still further. 


Future-e a strong character

Both inside and out, the Future-e is dazzlingly futuristic, giving it a strong character all of its own. Am integrated auto-inspired kinematic mechanism similar to the suspensions of an F1 car controls the independent movement of the foils with electrohydraulic actuators under the watchful eye of a single ECU with gyroscope.

The kinematic mechanism is plug and play, and can be installed on any of the four foils. It can even be worked on when the boat is on the water as it does not open into the hull. The Future-e handles very much like a comfortable sports car.  

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