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Gemma the future of the sloop

Gemma is a 55-metre sloop penned by young guns, Alberto Franchi and Antonino Muto, for their degree thesis.


Quite a quirky design with Wally-esque influences, this is a very creative and personal project that gives us great faith in Italian design’s potential for growth, courtesy of the talents of up-and-coming generations.


Gemma’s strongest feature is her deckhouse which is made entirely from electrochromic glass, the tint of which can be changed at will from completely transparent to totally dark, to protect occupants from both sunlight and prying eyes.


“We chose a glazed deckhouse because we wanted a boat that allowed its guests to maintain contact with the outside world even when they found it preferable to be in a sheltered area,” explains Antonino Muto.


What he does not add is that the rest of the yacht is very far from standard fare.


The main deck, for instance, has two large communal areas: an open-plan with lounge/relaxation and control zones and then a second bar with the sea-facing balcony. The guest cabins, crew mess and gym are below decks.


At first sight, both interiors and exteriors have a minimalist look but on closer inspection it is clear that there are also a lot of carefully-honed yet rather fun, quirky design features. The detailing is also wonderfully fine and planned with meticulous focus.

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