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Genesis is the new Perini Navi Fleet

The new Perini Navi fleet is called Genesis. Perini Navi since December 2021 has been part of The Italian Sea Group, the group founded and directed by Giovanni Costantino and which also includes the Admiral, Tecnomar, Picchiotti brands and the NCA Refit business unit. (Here all our posts about Perini)

Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group.

“I am very proud of the new Perini Navi fleet and of the progress made so far over the last year” commented Giovanni Costantino at the presentation of Genesis. “By transferring the comfort of motor yachts to sailing yachts, we have managed to create a harmonious synergy thanks to our already strong expertise expanded through the acquisition of Perini Navi. The nautical world is showing itself to be particularly sensitive to Perini Navi and our consolidated reputation in terms of design, quality and innovation will contribute to strengthening the expansion and growth strategy of the Group”.

Three models for Genesis

Genesis was born with the aim of creating a fleet of sailing yachts that maintains the elements that have made the fortune of Perini Navi, a shipyard founded in 1983 by Fabio Perini and which has marked the development of yachting. The development is due to the Centro In The Italian Sea Group style and developed over three models starting with a 48-metre sloop with double rudders and drift in the Regatta and Cruise versions. Second model of the Genesis fleet, a 56-metre ketch, the classic size of Perini Navi and which today boasts 14 units built.

Rendering of the new Perini Navi Genesis 48M Cruise sloop.

The “blue file” of Genesis

The third model is a 77-metre ketch equipped with a Falcon Rig which will repeat the success of the 88-metre Maltese Falcon launched in 2006. The Genesis 77M Falcon Rig will have a spa-beach with folding terraces connected to the stern beach. For all models, alongside the clean lines and large windows, Perini Navi sail handling system navigation systems and a blue leather handrail, a real “blue file”, an element that will be the leitmotif of the Genesis fleet.

The Perini Navi Genesis 77M Falcon Rig.

Season of launches for Perini Navi

Giovanni Costantino, in addition to the presentation of the new Genesis fleet, after having underlined that Perini Navi has launched 64 large sailing yachts in its history, listed the next Perini Navi launches. First of all Art Explora the largest sailing catamaran in the world. 47 meters long by 17 meters wide and with a 50-metre mast, Art Explora is a project by the Frenchman Alex de Beaufort and will be launched next August. The owner is Frédéric Jousset, administrator of the Louvre Museum and creator of the Art Explora foundation who will use it as a real floating art gallery with which to reach the most distant areas and allow people to enjoy the arts.

From the presentation of the traveling museum project that sails aboard Artexplorer, the 47-metre catamaran built by Perini Navi.

The new Perini Navi for Larry Ellison

Launch scheduled for August 2024 for the 60-metre ketch owned by Larry Ellison designed by Ron Holland and with interiors by the French Remy Tessier who years ago already designed the interiors of Salute, the only 56-metre Perini Navi sloop-rigged and launched in 2008.

Zenji (ex Santa Maria), Larry Ellison’s 56-metre Perini Navi which will receive the new 60-metre Perini Navi ketch in August 2024.

The new Genesis 56M redesigns a Perini Navi classic

The third scheduled launch will be that of the first “Genesis”: a 56-metre ketch with a hull designed by the English Malcom Mc Keon and interiors by Andrew Winch to be delivered in July 2025.

The Perini Navi Genesis 56M ketch.

At the end of the presentation of the new Genesis fleet Giovanni Costantino anticipated that, with his own presentation, a 99-metre ketch will be unveiled again with Falcon Rig which will be the new flagship of Perini Navi by The Italian Sea Group.

Emilio Martinelli

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