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Gentili Mosconi: beauty on board

Silk, cashmere, linen, velvet, cotton, wool and sponges. These are the materials that Patrizia Mosconi uses for her collection dedicated to yachts which is part of the Gentili Mosconi Home, a division of Gentili Mosconi spa, the historical textile company from Como, (Italy), founded in 1988 which carries a long tradition and experience in the domain of high fashion.

Being one of the finest made in Italy, the achievements of the collection Gentili Mosconi Home – Yacht relies on a team of professionals, constantly engaged in detailed research and development, to identify beautiful patterns and textures that are reworked and then customized by designers. The idea that “furnishing the yacht with textures is like dressing a woman” characterizes the staff of the Home division, (which is entirely composed of female experts). The result of this work, which is based on fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and cashmere fabrics and whose history is intertwined with that of the sea and sailing, is a spectacular blend of materials, colors, shapes, combination of colors and layering of fabrics that make outdoor spaces and the interiors absolutely unique.

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