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Giovanni Soldini with Aroundtheblue talks about the health of the sea

Giovanni Soldini, the most famous Italian ocean navigator, awarded the Légion d’Honneurin 1999 for the rescue of Isabelle Autissier and holder of numerous records, with his trimaran Maserati Multi 70 is the protagonist of Aroundtheblue, a trip around the world to discover how is the Sea, heart and cradle of life on our planet. (Here all our posts about Giovanni Soldini)

Giovanni Soldini
The Aroundtheblue’s logo

The 44 thousand miles of Giovanni Soldini and Aroundtheblue

The journey will become the docu-film Aroundtheblue which will tell the story of the over 44,000 miles that will lead Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70 to discover the sea with the aim of knowing the real state of health of this immense but not unlimited resource, through the voice of scientists and of those who live, study and work in contact with the phenomena that concern them.

Giovanni Soldini
Giovanni Soldini, who has always been involved in the defense of the sea at the start of the Aroundtheblue adventure.

Giovanni Soldini talks about the idea of ​​Aroundtheblue

“The project was born after we had installed a control unit on Maserati Multi 70, the Ocean Pack, which makes it a real floating oceanographic laboratory, capable of measuring temperature, salinity, connectivity and the concentration of carbon dioxide in surface waters. All data which, once collected, are validated and placed at the service of the scientific community”.

Giovanni Soldini
Giovanni Soldini at the steering console of Maserati Multi 70 which also houses the terminal of the sea water data collection unit.

Departure and arrival in the Mediterranean for Soldini and Aroundtheblue

“Initially” continues Giovanni Soldini “the project envisaged tackling the North-East Passage which from the North Sea, through the Arctic Ocean, along the coast of Siberia and the Strait and the Bering Sea reaches the Pacific Ocean. A series of very important sea areas at the level of the global ecosystem and a passage where our trimaran could have sailed due to its lightness. Then the crisis in Ukraine and the difficulty of obtaining permits to navigate waters for most of the Russian Federation forced us to revise the project. So now we will go from the Mediterranean, to the Atlantic then to the Caribbean Sea and then, through the Panama Canal we will arrive in the Pacific. From there in the Seas of Japan and China, up to the straits of Java and Sumatra and South Africa, to return again to Europe”.

Giovanni Soldini
The path that Maserati Multi 70 will carry out with Aroundtheblue.

Around the world and Aroundtheblue

“A tour of the world” explains Giovanni Soldini “in which we will participate in some regattas but above all we will collect data useful for monitoring the state of health of the ocean. Along the way we will meet teams of scientists and specialists, we will discover which solutions are being studied, which defenses we are devising, which regeneration processes we can activate and how we can use technology to expand and accelerate the action to combat the impact of climate change. The ocean can provide us with many answers and inspire many decisive actions”.

Giovanni Soldini
Giovanni Soldini and the scientists of the National Weather Service of Puerto Rico, a leg of Aroundtheblue.

A multimedia platform for the adventure of Giovanni Soldini and Aroundtheblue

A scientific route and an ecological rather than a sporting enterprise that of Aroundtheblue and Giovanni Soldini, who adheres to the UNESCO program of the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development. An adventure-discovery anticipated by the multimedia editorial platform created by QMI and Greenland which was activated on 8 June on the occasion of World Oceans Day.

Giovanni Soldini
A page of the multimedia editorial platform

The adventure of Aroundtheblue by Giovanni Soldini, real logbook of Maserati Multi 70, the only trimaran in the world equipped with an electric motor powered only by solar panels and a wind generator, will be told by the director Sydney Sibilia, produced by QMI, Greenland with Leonardo Godano executive producer, and Medusa Film and from 2024 it will be on Prime Video.

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