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Guidi, half century of passion and commitment

Fifty years of activity are a lot for a family run business: Italian marine accessories manufacturer Guidi, based in Grignasco (Novara), chose to celebrate the anniversary by organizing an event that was very fitting with its philosophy and values.


The company is a producer of bronze, brass, chrome-plated, nickel-plated and aluminium accessories, non-stick valves, water intakes, thru-hulls, water strainers and pipe fittings.

Bruno Guidi
Bruno Guidi

It was entrepreneur Bruno Guidi that founded the company back in 1968, in the Valsesia region: Mr. Guidi is still running the company, together with his sons Daniele, Quality and Sustainability manager,

Daniele Guidi
Daniele Guidi

and Alessandro, Production and R&D manager.

Alessandro Guidi
Alessandro Guidi

Reliability, passion, commitment, quality and innovation are the values that enabled Guidi to develop over the years, from its territory to the current global presence in the  nautical world, and made it one of the most known and respected “Made in Italy” brands.

The event organized in Milan and open to the whole “Guidi world” – employees, contributors, suppliers, customers, colleagues and friends – aimed to show the company’s philosophy, that in 50 years hasn’t changed much in its fundamental elements. 


“We just wanted to party together with all the people that contributed to our success, bur rather than just reminding the past or praising ourselves, we wanted to show what is Guidi today and what our next targets will be” explains Bruno Guidi. “When I founded the company I never thought that one day I would have reached this milestone, I’m very proud of that”, he adds.


The via delle Erbe location that hosted the party has been divided in five different sectors, each representing one of Guidi’s areas of interest: blue for company and production, purple for social, yellow for sports, green for environment and red for arts.


Guidi today has a strong commitment to sustainability in its widest meaning, which includes all the areas in which a modern company operates and grows, regardless of its dimensions.


Production-wise Guidi is taking particular care of relationships with employees, clients, suppliers and partners: long lasting fidelity, with employees retired after 40 years of work in the company, low personnel turnover and low number of on-the-job injuries are the main evidences of this. Guidi is putting local suppliers first, and is constantly committed to innovation by developing new products, by itself or jointly with other companies, or improving the already existing ones (blue area)


In social Guidi is partner to numerous local NGOs, that are carrying on many and diverse projects (purple area).


In sports the company is sponsoring a cycling team and a rally team (yellow area).

Guidi is also very environmentally focused: besides the two mentioned certifications the company is recycling the water used in the factory and disposes used oil through dedicated systems.

Around 30% of annual energy needs is supplied by solar panels placed on the factory roof, whose daily production is 375 kwh.


The company is also supporting 4Ocean and Treedom initiatives (green area).

025_BG50Projects in art are numerous and at a very high level: the many works of art by Italian and international artists that have been collaborating with the company over the last decade are now part of the “Guidi collection”, that includes photographs, sculptures, installations and paintings (red area).


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