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Gulf Craft leads the conversation on “The Future of Superyachts”

Gulf Craft has solidified its position as the leading manufacturer of composite superyachts during the 2021 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show during a panel discussion at the Monaco Yacht Club where Gulf Craft Chairman, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali highlighted the benefits of composite yachts, including ease of maintenance and ability to navigate shallow waters. 
Also on the panel were Cristiano Gatto, the designer of the Majesty 175, Kostas Christodoulou, Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Craft, Martin Redmayne, Chairman of Superyacht Group and Captain Patricia Caswell, Gulf Craft’s Quality Control Manager and Captain of the Majesty 175.

Highlighting the performance of the Majesty 175,  Alshaali said that as a mariner himself he paid the closest attention to detail in building her. “We are true Superyacht professionals and perfectionists. Going the extra mile is deeply ingrained in our DNA. The success of a production build yacht depends on the attention paid to details, I have spent a considerable amount of time overlooking every aspect of the construction of Majesty 175.”
During the discussion Martin Redmayne highlighted how the Majesty 175 has been an industry game-changer, and its relevance to the industry, given the rising cost of steel and aluminium.  Addressing an audience of industry professionals from around the world, he said, “The tremendous potential of composite production superyachts will be realised in the coming years, as more customers will demand it, over conventional hull materials, when they and their advisors understand the real benefits. This shift is strategic and well-timed, given the new trends in the industry. The younger generation of yacht owners are exploring newer horizons, and they don’t want to have limitations and want new levels of efficiency.”

One of the world’s leading boat and yacht builders, Gulf Craft is gaining a strong foothold in international yacht markets with its industry innovation, as yachting enthusiasts increasingly prefer composite hulls over traditional steel hulls for their light weight and low draft.

Gulf Craft will further leverage its membership in the Super Yacht Builders Association (SYBAss) to drive dialogue on composite production superyachts. SYBAss will work with Gulf Craft and regulatory bodies to ensure the rules which superyachts must consider. To further expand its reach in Europe, Gulf Craft has added 8 new distribution partners in 12 key markets such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal, among others, in addition to growing its global footprint in the US, Australia and the Middle East. 
Gulf Craft has built more than 10,000 boats already, serving clients around the world. The 2019 AEU Safety Award Winner, Gulf Craft was awarded ‘Best in the Show’ at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show for its 43.3m Majesty 140 superyacht.

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