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Happy birthday Floating Life

The Swiss group, specialized in the management, charter and sales of super and mega yachts, has celebrated, the last november, 15 years of activity and another year full of fresh ideas
Floating Life, anticipating the continuing development of the yacht management market, has been customizing its services and constantly adding to their team of specialists

Floating Life Headquarter
Floating Life Headquarter

– At present Floating Life manages 14 yachts and charters 16 more
– For 2018, a new Charter & Brokerage office in Montecarlo and the launch of two K- Series (40 and 42 meters in length)
– Floating Life confirms two new team members: Claudia Mazza as Business Developer and Almar Hekkert as Concierge Manager
– The fifth edition of Floating Life Captains’ Meeting will be held the 8th and 9th of March

Claudia Mazza
Claudia Mazza

Founded in 2002, the last 15 years have confirmed Floating Life’s preeminent role in the management, charter and sales of super and mega yachts. The Swiss group has prepared a series of news for 2018 in their many sectors of activity.

Almar Hekkert
Almar Hekkert

This range of activities has given Floating Life a turnover of close to 2.5 million Swiss Francs in 2017. At present Floating Life manages fourteen yachts and charters sixteen more.

Floating Life has always been concentrated on Yacht Management,” said Andrea Pezzini, Director of Floating Life. “But our team also handles Technical Management, New Build, and we also have a line of Crew Uniforms made in Italy and distributed by Floating Life Style. All this in addition to the creation of the Charter & Brokerage Division in 2010.”

The crucial role of Yacht Management

During the fifteen years of Floating Life’s involvement in yacht management, the market has constantly evolved, responding to substantial changes in laws and regulations. “Twenty years ago, 20 to 30-meter-long yachts were considered large, while today they represent the low-end of the market,” continues Andrea Pezzini. “The market has moved towards yacht sizes that require larger crews, with a respectively more complex management. This is precisely why shore side management companies have become fundamental and essential.”

Andrea Pezzini
Andrea Pezzini

Floating Life has reacted to the changing market by concentrating on the increasing specialization and customization of its services. These services are no longer simple extensions of administrative and technical fields, but are calibrated to the actual needs of each individual client. Part of Floating Life team concentrates on running the yacht, safety and security, logistics and crew necessities.

Floating Life Headquarter
Floating Life Headquarter

Another part of the team, like the Concierge Department, follow the clients from the moment they leave their home for the yacht until the end of their cruise. But that’s not all: today Floating Life also provides fiscal and legal support.

An increasingly specialized team

Greater specialization has enlarged the size of the Floating Life team. Presently managed by its co- founders Barbara Tambani (CEO) and Andrea Pezzini (Director), the Floating Life team numbers sixteen employees (all concentrated on managing the fleet).

Barbara Tambani
Barbara Tambani

Investing in the personnel is a fundamental aspect of the company’s past and future strategy that has recently brought Almar Hekkert, Concierge Manager, into the team. Thanks to a decade of experience, he takes great care of all clients’ requests during every phase of their vacation. “We have also welcomed Claudia Mazza as our new Business Developer,” explained Andrea Pezzini. “Thanks to her experience in the luxury sectors she manages contacts with potential clients and partners.”

The Build & Technical Division: the K-Series

In recent years Floating Life has been very involved in the new-build sector with the advent of its K-Series. The result of a single client’s project and its excellent results during tank testing, brought about the creation of the entire range.


“On this occasion we have reacquired the project from our client and developed a concept of ‘custom’ build concept, where “K” stands for ‘Keel’.” explains Andrea Pezzini. “This platform allows us to have a high degree of customization from the side structure of the yacht to the superstructure and obviously the interiors, making each design unique and exclusive. Project K is also characterized by a very careful costs management and an attentive choice of the shipyard to build the yacht, allowing the end client to obtain the best value for money. This is why we offer not only naval architecture consulting, but also support the project by monitoring the various construction stages and delivery timetables.”


To date the K-Series includes K40 (40 meters), a project created in-house by Floating Life and soon to be delivered from Cerri Cantieri Navali, and the K42 (42 meters), which will be completed by the end of 2018 at Cantiere Delle Marche. The range also include a project for a 45 meters, with a displacement of under 500GT, and a 43 meters that will be the protagonist of a new project named “Dream K43” characterized by new concepts and solutions for the luxury yachting world that adopt the fractional ownership and time-sharing schemes.


The pioneers of fractional ownership

Floating Life is among the pioneers of fractional ownership concept applied to luxury yachting. “It all began with an opportunity we were offered in 2007,” continued Andrea Pezzini. “We were contacted by a financial company that was considering this type of business but lacked the organization and know- how to plan and develop the construction of this type of yacht. We undertook a detailed study of the choices made up until then, and with our experience we assisted and directed the architects during the construction of the fleet. At the same time, we structured the management program, organizing all practical aspects that contribute to the creation of an organic system, crucial for the number of families involved. it goes without saying that both the design and realization of the project also helped our Management Department to grow.”


2018 a year rich in offerings and news

After the delivery of the K40 and the launch of the K42, Floating Life has a number of exciting news to disclose. To begin with, the restyling of its logo that currently combines the motor with the sailing world, it will have a fresher look.

The fifth edition of Floating Life Captains’ Meeting will be held in Montecarlo on March 8th and 9th. The event was created to ensure an update on regulations and the technical issues. The purpose of the meeting is to provide Floating Life captains and all interested participants with fundamental concepts that will guarantee constant professional and operational growth. Using real life scenarios, discussion tables will deal both with specific technical and regulatory questions and the themes that are integral to the day-to-day running of the yacht. Seminaries will be moderated by Rina Academy instructors and industry professionals. “For us it is of fundamental importance to maintain high professional standards among our crews as well as for the quality of the yachts we manage,” commented Andrea Pezzini.

INVITATION Captains Meeting 89th March 2018

A new Charter & Brokerage office in Montecarlo will also be opened in 2018, essential for guaranteeing an even more capillary service to Floating Life’s clients. In the meantime the Swiss company’s Concierge Team is preparing the itinerary for the circumnavigation that one of the K- Series yachts, currently under construction, will soon undertake.


Group turnover in 2017: 2.5 million Swiss Francs Employees: 16
Yachts managed: 14
Yachts chartered: 16

Days chartered in 2017: 300-320 (commercial vessels only) Floating Life captains: 20
Crew in the Floating Life fleet: 100
Uniforms produced in 2017: 3,000

Ports visited by the Floating Life fleet in 2017: 500 entries (arrival and departure procedures


completed by Floating Life per port entry)
Miles sailed by Floating Life yachts in 2017: 65,000-70,000 total annual miles Meters of yachts managed by Floating Life: 565 meters
Yachts projects handled by Floating Life since its inception: 43

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