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Horacio Bozzo: excellence and originality

As a cosmopolitan, the Argentinian Yacht Designer and Naval Architect, Horacio Bozzo moved back to Italy after graduating from university, the home of his parents.

He began his career in Rome before going to the USA where he worked in a high-profile Fort Lauderdale studio. It was in the Florida city, one of the hubs of American yachting, that Horacio Bozzo set up the Axis Group Yacht Design studio in 1996. After a few years, in 2001, he decided to return to Tuscany, Italy. In 2012 Horacio Bozzo Design was born as a dedicated Studio to provide customized Exterior Styling and Interior Layouts for Superyachts. The Studio aim is to create together with the client the yachts of tomorrow and achieve excellence through competent understanding of the design process, a vast experience and technical knowledge.The designer is involved in collaborations all over Europe, America and Asia. «Being confronted with new cultures means immerse yourself in new ideas and concepts which challenge and stimulate you to create truly original projects». «I feel it is essential to reconcile the demand of design, functionality and simplicity of construction». Horacio Bozzo received awards as the Best Yacht Designer at the Asian Marine & Boating Awards 2013 and the Yacht Designer in the Asia Awards in 2012.
Among the projects that Horacio Bozzo worked on, we find the 54 meters built by the ISA Yachts shipyard, launched last year in Ancona and Helios, the 88 meters designed for Benetti Innovation Project.

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