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Hydrotec presents Wave

Wave is a concept from Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec fame and takes her name from the lines clothing the hull. Although classic, this vessel has a light, streamlined superstructure with a generously raked bow, lending a sleek modernity to the overall impact.

The interior and exterior spaces have been meticulously balanced, both featuring balconies that disappear when not required. Thus guests can live life to the fullest regardless of sea or weather conditions. The very large beach club extends over 133 sqm to which a further 40 can be added when two side sections of the hull are opened out to create swim platforms. A passage on the lower deck also leads from the four guest cabins and the lift connecting all decks, through the engine room to the beach club.

A further two cabins are located forward on the main deck and feature large upright rectangular windows. Last but not least, the master suite foremost affords breath-taking views through its huge wraparound windows. It even has a 70 sqm private lounge and 16 sqm fold-down balcony. 

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