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Icona debuts in yacht design with an electric catamaran concept

Icona Design Group enters the yacht design sector with a futuristic boat concept based on a full electric platform. The new catamaran designed by Icona is called “Fibonacci” and promises a completely new experience on the water.

The Icona Nucleus concept autonomous vehicle, presented at the 2018 Geneva motorshow expressed a new approach to road mobility and the Fibonacci translates the Nucleus philosophy into water mobility. 

The Nucleus concept

After designing the multiple award-winning Nucleus autonomous driving vehicle, we wanted to apply once again a futuristic vision of transport but this time on water. This is an evolution which remains a silent and elegant speed form – sustainable, non-aggressive and inviting, for both pilot and occupants”, explains Samuel Chuffart, VP and Global Design Director of Icona, “Tomorrow’s boating experience will no longer be for a few aficionados: with the technological evolution and sustainability now offered, boats should be designed differently to embrace a wider spectrum of people and use.” 

The Nucleus concept

Icona has chosen to demonstrate these new technologies through a disruptive design and a project developed together with the partners Hydro Tec, Terra Modena Mechatronic and ASG Power. 

The ‘Fibonacci’ is the result of a sculptural design approach combined with unique storytelling. Division of space in boat design usually centers around finding creative solutions to practical problems.

The Icona design team’s approach shifted the paradigm, instead finding practical solutions within the spaces created by an asymmetric architecture together with a flow through inside-outside usage of the space. 

The use of asymmetry gives a sense of movement to the yacht even when it is stationary. It certainly looks very “haute couture” as a result.

The philosophy of the ‘Fibonacci’ is that of a symphony at sea, its design reflecting the elegant metaphor of a grand piano. Inspired by Fibonacci’s discovery of the numbers of nature, the ‘Fibonacci’ combines a sculptural movement with a logical division of space between the main deck and hulls. The sweeping parabolic wooden deck creates a pass-through offering ocean views from front to back and displaying a sense of occasion created by the ornamental stairs.

This yacht is designed to immerse travelers in a musical setting while sailing on the silent ocean. It offers a luxurious cocktail lounge perfect for hosting guests and parties. Such a simple and practical architecture not only fits the bill for a weekend at anchor but would also offer the perfect scenery to gather music afficionados together for a chamber music concert on the sea… 

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