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Inoxstyle, showers that make a difference

Inoxstyle is one of those companies that, on board a megayacht, but also by the pool, can make the difference. Because almost always the difference is in the details.

Born from the desire of a few craftsmen to offer to a wider and more demanding public the experience gained in the production of accessories and fittings for luxury yachts, Inoxstyle is based in Camaiore, a stone’s throw from Viareggio, one of the world centres for the production of megayachts.

DreamCarbon Y

It produces outdoor showers designed specifically for the nautical world, but also perfect for residential poolside use. They are mainly made of stainless steel in its many types, but there are also carbon models. These are showers that, unlike many others, perfectly combine the famous principle of balancing form and function so dear to the world of design and give style and elegance to an object that is too often undervalued.  It is no coincidence that they have been installed on board the megayachts of some of the world’s largest manufacturers such as Sanlorenzo, Tecnomar, Oceanco, Heesen, Gulf Craft and Wally, to name but a few, and have also been chosen by leading names in the hôtellerie.

DreamCarbon Y

Dream Carbon Y

Based on the Dream Yacht Y model, winner of an Archiproduct award and a German Design Award, the Dream Carbon Y shower is now Inoxstyle’s flagship model. 

Designed by Giancarlo Vegni, Dream Carbon Y showcases sinuous lines, the use of carbon fibre and marine grade stainless steel with manual mirror polishing in multiple passes of “nautical finish”, a special Inoxstyle treatment with which the company’s products remain clean longer than others and are not afraid of limescale deposited by atmospheric precipitation. 

Not only that, the carbon fibre, the undisputed star of this model, combines high strength and low weight, so that the shower can also be easily removed when not needed. The appeal of the textures and the quality of this composite material, widely used in aerospace and motorsport for its properties, gives the product a technical yet refined look.


Inoxstyle overcomes all technical problems

One of the problems that arise when fitting a shower on the deck of a yacht, especially if not foreseen in the construction phase, are the water inlet pipes that remain visible. Well, with Dream Carbon Y the problem is solved because this model has a support that holds the shower and allows the water connections to be hidden under the boat’s deck. At the same time, this also speeds up assembly and removal before sailing. In addition, it is available with classic side quick couplings for installation on boats with existing water connections.


Onboard versatility is also important, which is why the Dream Carbon Y is available in both a one-piece and a two-piece model. A nice advantage that greatly simplifies stowage on board

All other Inoxstyle shower models can be found here. Both marine and residential.

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