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ISA 120 SPORT is a best-seller. Sold the hull n.11

The new ISA 120 SPORT sold is the hull number 11 of the series. It is also the first yacht branded ISA to be sold after the recent acquisition of ISA Yachts by Palumbo Group, dated August 1st, 2016.

ISA 120 SPORT  ®Carlo Borlenghi/ ISA Yachts
ISA 120 SPORT  ®Carlo Borlenghi/ ISA Yachts

Isa Sport 120 represents an “icon” of ISA’s brand. It is demonstrated, without any dubt, by the 10 units of the model that have been already delivered and construction of hull n. 11 that will soon begin. ISA Sport 120 has been awarded in 2005 as the winner of MYDA (Yacht design Award).


Made of composite materials, she combines a sporty timeless elegance with the livability of an open yacht which does not sacrifice the richness of the interiors of a cruising yacht with a one and a half deck.

ISA 120 SPORT  ®Carlo Borlenghi/ ISA Yachts
ISA 120 SPORT – Hull N.11  ® Carlo Borlenghi/ ISA Yachts

About ISA 120 SPORT

We are excited and very proud to announce the sale of this first ISA-Palumbo vessel, – says Giuseppe Palumbo, CEO of Palumbo Group Spa. – ISA Sport 120 is not a ‘new project’ but still “extremely up-to-date”. The positive and interested appeal of ISA Yachts did not take long to re-emerge after the project was re-lauched by Palumbo Group. The answer surely lies in the excellence of the construction methods and in the incomparable Italian style of ISA brand, which we are committed to leave unchanged, maintaining all its winning features”.

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