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Isa Yachts introduces the Crossbow by Sergio Cutolo

Crossbow is the gorgeously elegant 100-metre flagship of the ISA yard’s coupé line. The futurist concept from Sergio Cutolo and the Hydro Tec crew has been honed for efficiency and performance, majestically combining good looks and speed, thanks in no small part to an aluminium hull. A beautifully elongated curved windshield, in fact, has allowed the designers to create some genuinely radical layout solutions such as a massive double-height forward-facing interior lounge.

The whole of the relaxation area is organised to ensure that guests are well sheltered from the wind too. Once at anchor, the 100-metre’s bow turns into a large and unusual recreational and sunning area. Crossbow is designed to go it alone without a support vessel to transport tenders and toys. She even has a heli-hanger forward, while the stern garage, which is located in front of the 135 sqm beach club, houses two 9.5-metre tenders and other toys. A 3.5-metre draft means that Crossbow can glide into shallow waters, a major plus for a yacht her size. 

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