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Varato il Custom Line 140, la nuova ammiraglia

The first Custom Line 140 has been launched in Ancona and is the largest ever built by the brand and officially the new flagship.

It features a profoundly sporty aesthetic, as well as the highest standards of comfort for both owner and guests, excellent performance, and superior technology. It’s a boat that melds the comfort of a flybridge with the sporty prowess of a coupé. (Here all the posts about Custom Line)

Custom Line 140

Custom Line 140, true to the family feeling

«We had to restyle the line whilst maintaining a sense of continuity with the brand’s tradition. And then also highlight certain distinctive elements even as we introduced new styling cues from other design spheres». 

The words of Francesco Paszkowski as he sums up the cornerstones of the development of Custom Line’s new planing series which includes the yard’s next flagship, the 140. 

Custom Line 140

The latter is a 42.15m yacht crafted in partnership with the Strategic Product Committee headed by Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division. Like the other two models flanking it – the 106 and the 120 – both its exterior and interiors bear the stamp of Francesco Paszkowski Design with which Margherita Casprini and the Custom Line Atelier worked hand-in glove on the latter. 

Custom Line 140

Three decks plus a sun deck for the Custom Line 140

Sporting three decks plus a sun deck with a GT under 400 tonnes and delivering a speed of 21.5 knots, the new Custom Line 140 was built using hybrid materials and has, as Paszkowski explains, a strikingly powerful, raked profile. «This is underscored in the side layout by the angle of the superstructure with the hard top as a sporty element and the long windows adding dynamism colour-wise as well as in every other way to the yacht». 

Custom Line 140

 «The aim,» continues Paszkowski, «was to meld the comfort of a flybridge with the sportiness of a coupé. As a result we incorporated styling cues from the car world and luxury residential sector, but also did some meticulous research to enhance the forms and volumes. Aspects that are much more obvious on the 140 than on the other two models both in the layout, which is inspired by contemporary luxury furnishing codes, and the brand’s signature expansive external areas». 

Aside from adding a dynamic flair to the side of the vessel, the windows also meet the third guiding principle behind the project: increasing contact with the sea by keeping any barriers between interior and exterior as minimal as possible. 

Large windows to stay in touch with the sea onboard the Custom Line 140

«The large windows play an important role, « explains Paszkowski. «They emphasise contact with the sea and increase the amount of natural light flowing into the interiors. The upper and sun decks are the pinnacle in this regard. With floor-to-ceiling glazing even around the sides of the interior, there is plenty of contact with the sea». 


The seamless continuity between interior and exterior on the main deck extends to a 30 square metre saloon and an equally large master suite which can even be given a private balcony.

It continues also down on the lower deck, in the four guest cabins in general and the two with athwartships beds in particular.

A further element hints at the 140’s flagship status while freeing up the gaze and fostering interaction with the world around: the Y-shape of the guardrail on the main deck. «It’s an automotive-derived styling element,» says Paszkowski proudly, «and changes the interpretation of the sheer which has been replaced with a steel pulpit».

The Custom Line 140 marries design and comfort but the interior uses only a few materials. «They are applied consistently and harmoniously across all the various spaces,» says. 

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