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Limited edition for the electric PZ100.2 by Persico Marine and Zagato

PZ100.2: Persico Marine for the construction, Zagato, the famous bodywork founded by Ugo Zagato in 1919, the architect and yacht designer Lucio Micheletti and Sealence with its DeepSpeed ​​engine. From this collaboration comes the PZ100.2, a runabout with electric jet propulsion which, faithful to Zagato tradition, will be a Limited Launch Edition and made in just nine absolutely unique examples because they are expressions of the preferences and tastes of the individual owner. (Here all our posts about Persico Marine)


PZ100.2 a collector’s piece

“The project started from a shared concept: the idea that the boat should be a collector’s piece,” explained Andrea Zagato, CEO of ZED Milano, during the presentation held in the Zagato headquarter in Milan. “The newest most innovative technologies presently available will make the boat sustainable and destined to leave its distinctive mark, as was the case with the most valuable car models designed for uncommon customers, the ones always looking for excellence and innovation in any field.”


PZ100.2 the canot automobile of the future

“This boat takes up the tradition of the ‘canot automobile’ of the early 20th century and brings it into the future, thanks to the expertise of all the parties involved, whom I thank most sincerely and who are – I like to stress this aspect – all Italian. At Persico Marine, we have proved that we know how to build limited-series sailboats, and, now, this is our debut in the motorized ‘few-off’ category with our own brand” Marcello Persico,  CEO of Persico Marine, said.


The electric turbine motorboat

For Lucio Micheletti founder of Micheletti+Partners who collaborated with Zagato in the development of the PZ100.2 design: “Conceptualizing, designing and building an electric boat powered by an aviation-type turbine engine means bringing to life all the fantasies of future pilots, who will be free to play with the power in silence, listening only to the wind and water.”


For his part, William Gobbo, founder of Sealence, emphasized the qualities of the 205 kW DeepSpeed ​​which will be mounted on the PZ100.2. The new Sealence DeepSpeed thanks to the setting similar to that of aeronautical jet engines, does not suffer from drops in power as the speed grow up as opposed to traditional electric motors.


Under construction at Persico Marine

The PZ100.2 is 7.90 meters long, has a beam of 2.45 meters and is equipped with a planing hull expressly developed by Leading Edge. Each PZ100.2 will be built in Nembro, Bergamo, Italy, in the Persico Marine headquarters, in carbon fibre. The total weight, including the lithium battery pack, will be only 2500 kg and the Sealence DeepSpeed ​​engine will allow her to reach a maximum speed of 42-43 knots with a range of about 50 miles at 26 knots. Delivery of the first of nine PZ100.2 units is scheduled for the end of 2023.

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