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LUCA DINI Design & Architecture Rebranding

On July 30th 2019, LUCA DINI Design & Architecture comes to life in Florence.

Luca Dini

A Studio that brings together the energies of Luca Dini Design, an internationally known Superyacht design studio, and the architectural firm LDA Luca Dini Associati.

Luca Dini, Mondomarine Tribù

This is a choice motivated by the desire for our name to reflect our forward-looking vision of innovation intended as the evolution of two souls in a single evocative brand moving toward the future.

Luca Dini, Yacht Club

LUCA DINI Design & Architecture signifies not only a new, more attractive and contemporary image, but a new way of communicating.

Luca Dini, villa

The Studio has made the choice to entrust The Branding Crew, a branding agency specialized in the luxury industry, with rebranding and communication using a new logo, a new combination of colors in which black and white alternate in a contrast new to this sector, a completely new website, and a new strategy that includes an advertising campaign and a significant social media presence on Instagram to best express this combination of Architecture and Design.

Luca Dini, Mondomarine-MYSarastar

This rebranding is a clear sign of change but consistent with the principles on which Luca Dini has built a team of professionals who are always ready to face new challenges. It is a point of evolution based on a strong and well-established legacy, a mix of creativity, experience and excellence.

Luca Dini, villa

Today over 3,000 meters of designed Superyachts cruise the seas of the world, interpreting each Yacht owner’s needs and transforming those needs into true icons of style and functionality.

Luca Dini, MYSeaForceOne-54M

And on land, there are 21 km2 of architectural projects where design meets the new demands of contemporary living.
This is LUCA DINI Design & Architecture.

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