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Luca Vallebona: the quest for substance

From industrial architecture to the debut with the new SF 40, Mondo Marine dealer. Here is a portrait of a young Italian yacht designer.

A 40 meter boat, exactly with the SF 40 ofSF  Yachts, dealer of the Mondo Marine shipyard for the Middle East. This is Luca Vallebona’s debut, the young Italian yacht designer who was immediately recognized for the concreteness of his stylistic approach. “I believe that excessive drawing is necessary”, says Vallebona. After graduating in architecture in Genoa, he decided to pursue a career in yacht design after being struck by a magazine of yacht design.
“Today there is a tendency to add lines to other lines to obtain a sense of motion and novelty: in this way, however, you lose the essence of the object.”

Before dedicating himself to yachts, Vallebona built a good base and experience in the architecture industry. Then, he decided to tack towards his passion: designing yachts. This decision brought him to one of the best existing studios on the international scene: Nauta Design, the studio of Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino. This experience lasted until 2013, when he decided to open his own studio where he developed a project with two colleagues: an 18-meter open, “Linea Rossa 54”.
Recently, SF Yachts has contacted Luca Vallebona to develop the SF line with Mondo Marine SF40. A project that, according to the program, will be exposed in the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.




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