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The most luxurious cruise ship in the world sails on resin’s terraces and promenades made in Italy produced by Api

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, in partnership with Fincantieri, decided to entrust Api, an Italian manufacturing company – leader in the production and installation of industrial and naval resin flooring – for the realisation of some prestigious flooring aboard the newest Regent Seven Seas Explorer. A casting of 9.000 SQM of resin, among terraces, promenades, crew areas, sporting areas, kitchens, utility rooms.

A work which aims to enhance the refined aesthetic features of synthetic resin and, above all, its functionalities: resistance, security, cleanliness, this material, indeed, is distinguished for these peculiarities, very important for a cruise ship.
As Vittorio Magnaghi, Api’s General Marine Manager explains: “During the last 20 years we have realised almost 200 works and over than 150 cruise ships with synthetic resin flooring, an extraordinarily elegant material that, if conveniently cared and maintained, withstand the years. That is the main reason why Api has been chosen both by Fincantieri and the ship owner, even before that the Regent Seven Seas Explorer had been created. In the choice, the special attention towards our client’s specific needs, has an essential role.”


Of course an important guarantee for a ship such as the one of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, considered one of the most luxurious in the world, able to host 750 passengers, besides gourmet restaurants, theatres and spa.

The figures speak for themselves: 375 suites (including a VIP room of 360 SQM) and 4,822,504 SQM of terraces. The ship will debut in Europe, before sailing towards the Caribbean, for a total amount of 375 destinations.
After all, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is an extraordinary ship because of its features, that let it stands out from the other cruise ships. For its realisation, indeed, it has been used the most advanced technologies regarding environmental safeguard. The particularly refined setting up, pays utmost attention to passengers’ comfort and safety.

The value of this “sea jewel” at completed works is estimated at 450 M$ (according to the Seatrade Cruise World orderbook), the interiors have been expressly studied and designed by Tillberg Design.

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