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Mangusta sales a new Mangusta 110

Mangusta announces the sale of another order for the American market: a maxi open of the Mangusta 110 series. A sale that confirms and consolidates a series of excellent results achieved across the ocean in the past five years.

In 5 years we have sold 8 vessels to the US, of which 6 beyond 100 feet,” said Francesco Frediani, Mangusta’s Commercial Director. “This success demonstrates that American clients are familiar with and appreciate Mangusta maxi open yachts, acknowledging their aesthetics, functionality and technical quality.

Mangusta 110 (1)

The reasons of such a success are many and range from the introduction into the American market of a new series of models, excellent for their technical manufacturing characteristics and particularly suitable for the boating paradise of Florida and Bahamas, where it is necessary to cruise in shallow waters, all the way to careful marketing, which allowed the American public to associate more and more the Mangusta brand with the new models and thus appreciate their value.

But it is always and foremost the Mangusta product that makes the difference: a yacht of great visual impact, iconic in its sleek, timeless, lines and of surprising on-board comfort. Moreover, there is the perception of its quality of construction and highly technical contents. The Mangusta 110 is ideal for the US because it moves fast from one place to the other thanks to the MTU 16V2000 M96L engines that push it beyond 33 knots and because its reduced draft, of just 5’ 69’’, allows navigation at every depth, including in America’s shallow waters.


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