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Marche Yachting and Cruising meets students

The first meeting organised by the Marche Yachting and Cruising (MYC) Association was successfully held in mid-March with more than four hundred students from some of the Marche region’s high schools who met with professionals from the Marche region’s nautical industry. (Here all our posts about Marche Yachting and Cruising)

An overview of nautical professions

The aim of the meeting, moderated by Matteo Zaccagnino, editor in chief of Top Yacht Design, and organised in the splendid setting of the Teatro delle Muse thanks to the support of the Municipality of Ancona, was precisely to offer the students an overview of the various professions that can represent a choice and an option for their own working future.

Marche Yachting

After the initial greeting by Dr. Ida Simonella representing the Municipality of Ancona and the Regional Councillor for Training Stefano Aguzzi, the meeting was followed by three panels in which some of the Association’s members told their stories and the training that led them to the role they currently hold: Vasco Buonpensiere CEO & Founder of Cantiere delle Marche, Alfonso Postorino Director of Cantiere Rossini in Pesaro, Alessandro Massari CEO & Founder of Massari Design, Commander Gabriele Carniglia, Mauro Frattesi Executive Director of Videoworks Group, Laura Pomponi CEO & Founder of LP Luxury Projects, Graziella Repetto Plant Manager of Ferretti Group Superyacht Division CRN and metal, Nicolò De Vita Architect of FM Architettura di Interni, Gabriele Piacenti Project Architect of Ferretti Group Superyacht Division CRN and metal, Roberta Franceschetti CEO & Founder of Planstudio, Andrea Greco Fibreglass Manager of Palumbo Superyachts and Francesca Guerzoni Custom Line VTR boat manager.

Marche and Yachting

Also interesting was the speech by Paolo Gissi, an engineer, who told the students, supported by archive photographic material, about the history of shipbuilding in the Marche region and the roots of this important sector.

The audience also had the honour of receiving a greeting from the President of the Marche Region, Francesco Acquaroli, who emphasised the strategic nature of the nautical sector in the Marche and its importance for employment and the opportunities it creates. 

Marche Yachting and the students’ questions

The students took an active part with questions and curiosity directed at the speakers who were able to explain, in simple and pragmatic words, that the nautical industry offers numerous employment opportunities and needs them. 

Common to all speakers was the advice to young people to follow and pursue their passions, not to get discouraged at the first mistakes, to have courage and curiosity, and to be attentive to everything around them, trying to understand who they are today and what they would like to become tomorrow. 

Marche and Yachting

For the final conclusions, Vincenzo Garofalo President of the Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority, Engineer Aldo Trupiano Technical Director of Fincantieri Ancona, Professor Carmina Laura Giovanna Pinto, and Dr. Corrado Faletti of the Regional School Office (the latter enabled the event to take place by involving the Schools) sealed the importance of the meeting between School and Business. 

Yesterday’s was only the first of a series of meetings that will follow to open the doors of the Marche’s nautical industry to the Schools, in a mutual exchange of listening and understanding of the needs to improve the future of the children who are our country’s greatest and most important resource.

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