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Marche Yachting & Cruising 

The week dedicated to the Marche region, Expo Dubai 2020, was the setting that saw the debut on the international scene of the association created with the aim of promoting, with the support of the Marche Region and the Marche Chamber of Commerce, the strategic role that shipbuilding and, more in detail, the nautical sector and related supply chain, play for the entire region. 

The Ancona port

A reality that includes the likes of CRN Ferretti Group, ISA/Palumbo Superyachts, Cantiere delle Marche, Wider, CPN and Cantiere Rossini (Lisa Group), FM Architettura di Interni, LP Luxury Projects, Massari Design. They were also joined by design and furniture names such as Poltrona Frau and Cantori, while on the component manufacturers’ side, the names of Team Italia, AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions, SailADV, Corset/Linset, Furlanetto International, Marine Shore Assistance, and Videoworks stand out. It was February 21. Several months after that date, we met with Councillor Mirco Carloni, Vice President of the Marche Region, and Eng. Mirco Minossi, President of the Association, who gave us these interviews.

Marche Yachting & Cruising 
Mirco Carloni

Mirco Carloni

What are the reasons behind the decision to announce the creation of the new cluster at Expo Dubai?
Our region is a land of excellence and the construction of luxury ships, both yachts and cruise ships with a history established for more than 70 years thanks to shipyards, designers and a world-class subcontracting chain. The regional government has identified this sector as one of the main drivers of development, a real driver of promotion of the area in which to invest. We have therefore warmly welcomed the birth of the important Marche Yachting and Cruising (MYC) Association whose members represent the main players in the supply chain and are formidable ambassadors of our Marche “Land of Excellence” brand especially in strongly luxury-oriented markets such as Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East.

What impact does the economy of the sea generate on the Marche region? And specifically that related to yachting?
Yachting and luxury cruising represent for our Region a turnover estimated at more than 1 billion euros per year with an export figure above 90 percent and with a number of employees of more than 3 thousand, located in the several hundred the companies involved in the construction of pleasure and sport ships and boats and in components. The most luxurious cruise ships and the target yachts of the “paparazzi” in the world are often “made in Marche,” both in construction and in design and technology.

Marche is also a tourist destination. In this area, are there any projects being studied to promote the region even more as a boating destination as well?
The Marche region must establish itself more and more as a destination for boating given the enormous landscape, cultural, historical, and food and wine heritage it can offer tourists, creating an economic spin-off for the entire region. For this reason, President Acquaroli holder of the delegated powers on the matter, in coherence with “The Regional Plan of Ports” has made a far-sighted and strategic choice identifying among the territorial objectives the strengthening and modernization of existing port facilities, the improvement of local livability, the improvement of the mobility of people and tourist flows related to this important sector of recreational boating and fishing. In order to achieve a concrete and sustainable development of port areas and systematize port infrastructure with the surrounding area, the plan must provide an endowment of infrastructure, public and private services that are efficient and adequate to the complexity of the area. In addition, the plan should foster positive economic development dynamics, especially, in the sectors of recreational marine, fishing and sports.”

The Launch of CRN MY RIO 62m

In this regard, do you also have plans to involve marinas and ports and marinas operating in the area in the Association?
Every initiative for the growth and development of the regional territory adopted by this junta is concerted with businesses based on a principle of subsidiarity that we hold dear. In fact, only through continuous and concrete institutional dialogue is it possible to understand the needs of companies and provide, as far as we are concerned, answers and support for the enhancement of the sector. We strongly believe in the potential of this sector also in terms of employment and, in synergy between the public and private sectors, we will deploy all our energies so that this strategic sector can also grow, enhance itself and drive our region towards recovery and revitalization, opening up new possibilities of internationalization for the Marche economy. It will also be our task to dialogue, within our institutional limits, with foreign investors who see in our territory an area for the creation of new businesses that are grafted onto a fabric highly aimed at “know-how.”

The Launch of the ISA GT 45 Metri

Does the cruise sector represent a front on which, after the pandemic, the region intends to invest in order to attract more stopovers by companies operating in the sector?
Regione Marche has been cooperating for some time with Msc Crociere, which docks at the port of Ancona, and we hope that as the pandemic recedes we can resume full operations. Cruises are important because the excursions that are planned during the stops guarantee an induced activity not only on the coast but also inland. I cite as an example the Frasassi caves that are very popular with cruise passengers. President Acquaroli is working hard on the front of promoting the area internationally through commercials and TV programs. We are convinced of the attractiveness of our excellences and we are equally convinced that in the coming months more and more tourists will want to stop over in our region.

Made in Marche has a long and glorious tradition in many sectors considered Italian excellence: footwear, design, food and wine, fashion/clothing. Can it be said that boating is a full-fledged addition to this list?
“Marche: Land of Excellence” is the new visual identity that, starting with Expo Dubai, we have identified to represent our companies and our region on the international scene. A passage that is not accidental because our companies, first and foremost those in the nautical sector, are recognized by insiders and experts among the best at the international level thanks to a DNA, which I would define as Marche, made up of excellent craftsmanship combined with indisputable qualities of seriousness, quality and listening. A heritage of knowledge and ability on which we invest substantial resources to improve its innovative aspect and positioning on the international scene. Never before have companies in the Marche region who wish to do so been given the opportunity to open up to foreign markets and undertake and consolidate the path of internationalization, thanks to constant economic and institutional support that has been made concrete with the recent and important agreements signed with the Marche Chamber of Commerce.

Maurizio Minossi

Eng. Maurizio Minossi – President Marche Yachting & Cruising Association

How did the idea of giving birth to Marche Yachting and Cruising come about?
From a comparison between the founding members, who saw a clear gap between the importance and long history of the yachting and cruising sector in the Marche region and how these activities were confined within the circle of insiders and little perceived by the territory itself and some of its institutions

What are the goals that the association has set for itself?
To collaborate in the common interest on training, innovation, internationalization and dialogue with local government bodies

How will the association’s activities be regulated and what areas of focus and initiatives will be taken in the future?
The Association is based on the operational contribution of the members, combined with specialized professionals; we have already fruitfully started from the dialogue with schools (Marche Polytechnic University, ITS Tecnologia & Made in Italy of Recanati and the ITIS-Nautico “Volterra-Elia”) and with the Marche Region

the Ancona Port

What audience does the Association intend to target?
Companies in the supply chain with offices or production sites in the Marche region

To date, how many companies are members of the Association and are you planning to increase the number?
We have eighteen member companies (we will soon reach twenty) and the Marche Polytechnic University

At the strategic level, with what other partners, entities, trade associations does Marche Cruising and Yachting plan to establish collaborations or partnerships in the future?
Marche Region, Chamber of Commerce, Port Authority and Municipalities.

Companies and specialized personnel, in this area the Association aims to make itself to promote the topic of training by connecting supply and demand? 
More than “placement,” I would talk about dialoguing with schools to shape training, within the limits of their flexibility, so that professional figures suitable for the sector in 2025 emerge; obviously maximum availability for internships, apprenticeships and classroom lessons of those who live in the company

Venice, Genoa, Viareggio, Marina di Carrara, and Naples have been and still are, in some cases, venues for events related to the boating world. In the past, Fano was also the scene with the Yacht Festival gave birth to a boat show/show. Are there any thoughts along these lines to bring such an initiative to life in the future? 
We are lucky enough to live in a region that in 2019 Loneley Planet included among the most beautiful places in the world to visit, and we really believe that our products and services enjoy the tradition and history of the area; so, if I may be allowed the comparison, just as a wine is better understood by going to visit vineyards and wineries than by tasting it at a fair, so we want to adopt as the main tool of promotion the visits to us of market operators.

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