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Maxi Dolphin MD62ab

Argentinean  Alejandro Bottino is the pen behind the Maxi Dolphin MD 62ab currently building at the Maxi Dolphin yard.

A comfortable cruiser and a powerful racer, the 18.9-metre LOA is the product of Bottino’s extensive experience.

He worked first in the family yard in  Buenos Aires and later with Soto Acebal, before hanging out his own shingle in the capital where he also lectures in naval architect at the university.

The new craft has a wet-layup, vacuum carbon-epoxy and Corecell sandwich construction post-cured in the yard’s 40-metre oven.  Notables include a reverse bow, twin wheels, and a canting keel (the semi-custom design also offers a fixed keel).

The deckhouse barely breaks the main deck where there is also a large guest cockpit.  The rig includes a Hall Spars carbon mast and boom. Windows on the hull and deckhouse and skylights draw light into the interior.

Maxi Dolphin allows clients huge scope for personalisation and this version also includes a master cabin forward, two double cabins aft and a U-shaped galley forward of the living area. All of the building, furnishing and plant work is done in-house to the very highest standards. The Maxi Dolphin MD 62ab should launch by the end of 2020. 

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