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Milano Design Week 2017: Introducing TheArsenale

For Its official Launch, reveals three unique products, all made in partnership with Alcantara®

On Thursday April 6th Arsenale will celebrate his official launching in Italy and will present TheArsenale’s 1rst annual book dedicated to the ultimate objects of mobility with a fabulous party at the Alcantara Concept Store in Milan (via Verri 8) from 6pm to 9pm.

FullSizeRender-1 is the first marketplace dedicated to the ultimate objects of mobility. It includes the most incredible airplanes, boats, motorcycles, bikes, jets… Its job is to source, unite, promote and highlight the builders around the world who are innovating at the back of their garages.

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Composed of 4 sections, Earth, Sea, Air and Beyond, this new-age concept store aims at breaking the standard codes of mobility by combining the aesthetics and movement to make sure that we are always moving in style. 

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True experts of the movement-in-style, TheArsenale’s head hunters select the jewels of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, bikes, and works of art on a daily basis and strive to unite these artisans of a mobility with no limits or barriers.

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Making itself a real authority in the field, TheArsenale rigorously selects its partners and celebrates their talent across the production of unique pieces and exclusive models for the site. Meeting the desire to create a premium platform, The Arsenale is committed to following a strict artistic direction. From this point forward, mobility will be expressed in broad daylight, in front of an audience of contemporary aesthetics.

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To celebrate its launch, TheArsenale is proud to present four unique products:

TheArsenale First Annual Book

TheArsenale X Nikos Manafis Custom Bike

Sherpa By Arcadia Yachts TheArsenale

Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Plane

TheArsenale First Annual Book
A unique book made of 252 pages featuring the most surprising products in mobility. TheArsenale Annual book includes products from designers such as Ora Ito, Peugeot Design Lab, Hermès, Blitz Motorcycles, Garage Italia, Bandit 9, Hazan motorworks, Glider, Xavier Veilhan and many more. Covered in black Alcantara®, and published in English.


Nikos Manafis Custom Bike
TheArsenale reveals today a new collaboration, made with Athens-based Industrial designer Nikos Manafis. A rather unique 125cc custom bike, made of fiberglass and Alcantara®, which will be produced in a total number of 10 units and available at 10.000 euros on Think of this as a “Back-to-the-Future” bike, a compact café racer that embodies style and substance covering several generations. “The project is not about offering speed and performance. It is about designing and offering a unique riding experience. This experience consists of the learning riding position on the streamlined body, the futuristic UI of the bike and the neck-breaking effect on anyone that the rider will pass by”, said Nikos Manafis.


Sherpa By Arcadia Yachts
Sherpa is a “forward thinking design yacht” with an overall length of 17,70m and a width/beam of 5,60m, even more marked by the concept of “open space” of the aft cockpit to which Arcadia has accustomed us since its debut. A compact size able to confirm all of the key factors of bigger yachts available in the range of the yard (internal/external areas and volumes, high-performance efficient hull, minimalist and neat interiors). SHERPA can be perfectly compared to much larger boats (65 ft) for her LWL (16,10m) and beam (5,60m).
Sherpa is the natural evolution of Arcadia fleet towards reduced size boats. This amazing small yacht manages to keep integral in only 58 feet the vision and features that make each Arcadia yacht different from the rest of its competitors, having also given to the volumes on board a new concept of distribution, aimed at putting forth areas more used by guests, such as the stern cockpit, the living area, and cabins.

ARCADIA_SHERPA_0X2A5178-ok color

Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Plane
You’d like to travel with style in a jet-fighter inspired aircraft? The Co50 Valkyrie is made for you. Built in California, the Co50 uses the highest quality materials inside and outside. Safety, style and comfort. It’s even one of the fastest of its category. Plus, the Co50 Valkyrie has enough room for you to take your skis, you know, just in case. This aircraft is also fully customizable, Cobalt can even build a racing version of it if you ask.
The Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Plane, a private jet fully customized. Produced with a system equipped with an automatic parachute and powered by a 350hp Continental, it boasts a cruising speed of 220 knots to a range of about 2800 km. The aircraft accommodates 5 guests (with luggage in tow) in a cabin made of genuine leather by former craftsmen of Hermès and the first four units are currently being tested.


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