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Moonflower by Nauta Design

Moonflower is one of the newest and most intriguing designs from Nauta. “Innovative design, lots of open-air space, close contact with the water, light-filled and airy interiors, flexible layout and furniture solutions… These were the ‘must have’ features requested by the owner that drove the exterior styling, general arrangement and interior design,” explained Nauta Yachts co-founder Mario Pedol.

Boasting five decks plus a technical under-lower deck, the diesel-electric Moonflower comes in at 1,450 GT. Her standout features include her patent-pending beach club with multiple walkaround fold-down platforms which surround the transom, and a so-called Nemo window which dips below the waterline. 

The large pool has a cover system made from the same teak as the flooring to make the area extra-versatile.  The upper deck is dedicated to the owner who has direct access to the helipad and the stern terrace. Lastly, a spectacular circular staircase winds its way around the lift, connecting all five decks, sun deck included

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